Modern kitchen island in your contemporary kitchen

When we talk about modern designs of a kitchen we just cannot forget about kitchen islands as they are a very important part that highlights contemporary flow of the interior. The main characteristic feature of a modern design is the plethora of smoothness and slenderness in the shape of the kitchen island, and it never looks simple. You can often see such materials as granite for countertops, bricks for the walls and stainless steel sinks, fridges etc. This design also often lacks angular edges, yet it is rich with bright colors that help you turn on your happy mood.

So, whether you want to add a kitchen island into an already existing design or creating a brand new interior design, the first thing you need to do is to decide on the size and style of a kitchen island you need. Ask yourself, ‘What will I use it for?’ Mostly kitchen islands are used either to help you prepare food as easily as possible or it can also be used as a table to have some afternoon tea with your friends.

For that you can just put a few chairs around your kitchen island. I’m sure you’ll be able to put at least two chairs around it even in the smallest room. Usually it is placed in the center of the kitchen, and in this way you can fully utilize its functional. Just remember that you need it to be at a comfortable distance from the rest of the kitchen furniture and gear to allow you to swiftly move around it. If you have too little space than mobile kitchen island is the best variant for you, as you can always move it into a proper storing place when you don’t really need it.

Let’s see what kind of ideas you might choose to use for your kitchen.

Ideas For Modern Kitchen Islands

1) If your kitchen is mostly white with stainless steel accents and dark floors then consider choosing a kitchen island in the similar color palette. You might try a white granite countertop and the main part with drawers made of dark grey wood. You can also choose the variant that has a bar counter instead of a regular one, but then you’ll also need some bar chairs. Those chairs can actually stand out in your design with some bright colors.

2) If you want your kitchen to look more gentle than contemporary try using pastel colors instead of the dark ones. Granite countertop is still a good option, and even the square edges won’t spoil the softness. Rather it’ll add even more elegance to your kitchen. If you have plenty of space you should consider a 2 in 1 kitchen island that can serve as both – the drawer for dishes or other kitchenware, and a table for up to 6 people. The chairs should also have white and pastel color palette.

3) Wood accents are also a popular trend in modern kitchen design world. Of course the main color of walls and drawers should be white, while the floors, kitchen island and chairs should be wooden. But you should still add some white parts in your kitchen island for it to fit into your interior. To add even more color balance you should use pastel Greek shades on your windows. And don’t forget to add some life to the room with a vase of flowers.

4) But sometimes white color can seem boring and dull, even with some interesting features in the interior design. So, what other color mixtures would be good to use? Try combining grey for the walls, stainless steel for the oven, exhaust and fridge, and pastel pink color for the rest of the furniture. Let the lights be a bit deem and put some curtains on the windows. It might seem that it’s not as impressive as the white palette, but it’ll look so welcoming that you’ll never want to leave.

5) If you think that you’ll need to move your kitchen island pretty often you should consider getting one on wheels. Mostly such kitchen islands are really small so that they are completely mobile but that can still be very useful to you, especially in case when you suddenly have a guest and need to sit them somewhere.

6) Another good option for big rooms can be a modern multi level rounded kitchen island. It can consist of several user-friendly modules that will make your food preparation surface just amazingly stylish and still let you sit at it with your family everyday. And don’t forget to use some smooth angles and shapes in your furniture. Be creative!

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