Modern kitchen ideas in 2015 — popular and simple

The kitchen should be bright and unusual. Colorful shades, fancy form design and extravagant performance parts are the main qualities of a successful interior. When it comes the time of planning of repair, we want to see an updated room with maximum comfort, functionality, looked stylish and in line with modern design trends.  There are priceless moments of family communication and gastronomic masterpieces in  each kitchen.

Successfully implemented, fashionable kitchen design and ideas of 2015 will provide much important the ergonomics of the space and will make the room more aesthetically appealing and comfortable. What are the innovations brought to us by interior design fashion this year? Let’s deal!

Popular styles

The interior of the kitchen still is versatile – tastes differ. But the designers have clearly identified the top of three emerging leaders the most popular in 2015: minimalism, classic and Province.

Classic interior wave not able to stop the winds, the time and more quiet offensive trends – it is always relevant. This year again, many housewives preferred the strict classic. Soft pastel shades, the reign of natural materials, soft lines and geometric shapes – all parts of the interior are filled with elegant luxury.

Minimalism is trying to win popularity from the classic style and this year it succeeds. The modern kitchen ideas 2015 have acquired many adherents, calling their genuine interest in the possibility of creating a functional and ergonomic interior: natural materials and coloring palette fades into the background. In such an interior modern built-in appliances, numerous light sources,  colorful combination of glass and metal are on the top today’s day. In colours we have leading white and gold.

Romantic personalities will appreciate the interior design in a warm Provence style. Touch of antiquity on natural simplicity and floral motifs evoke a sense of emotion and give unparalleled comfort. Only natural materials, pastel palette of colors that are hidden behind wooden facades of furniture appliances, lots of textiles and ceramics – all of these characteristic features cuisine with provençal touches.

Fashion trends – on what should you pay attention?

Designing fashionable in 2015 the interior of the kitchen, you need to consider some of the subtleties that are inherent in today’s interiors. The brevity and simplicity of forms are in real trend nowadays. The abundance of decorative elements, bright colors and a lot of accessories, scattered on the kitchen is not the best solution. Even the doors of the cabinets are increasingly opening up not using the knobs, and pressed. The trend in kitchen design 2015 – is built-in home appliances – almost anything in the room does not show its presence. The refrigerator can be hidden modestly in the pencil drawer, nearby we can also hide a dishwasher in a small alcove. No blenders, juicers and grinders should be on the surface of the kitchen cabinets.

Another unexpected novelty of kitchen design 2015 is the widespread use of open shelves and niches. They are successfully used in interiors of different styles, but the most relevant are they for kitchens style:

  • Provence;
  • Country;
  • Chalet;
  • Shabby chic;
  • IVF;
  • Modern;
  • Classic and all the others.

Fashionable shelves and niches can perform not only a functional role, but also a spectacular decoration. Beautifully arranged accessories, ceramic ware, crystal glasses, look cute, charming and create the right mood. If you want to add special touches to this element of the interior –we suggest you to make beautiful lighting. Twinkling lights reflecting off the dishes, will create an atmosphere of mystery. The effect of modernity will provide “strings” of led bulbs.

As a conclusion, we remind you: the decoration is very important for the overall interior, as this is the central room of the house, where all family members and guests are accepted,  special family celebrations and parties. As Coco Chanel said, “fashion passes, and style remains”. Therefore, designers are advised to pay more attention to exactly styling of your home. Try to make it as you want and don’t forget about fashion ideas!

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