Modern kitchen curtains : how to understand what you need in the kitchen

Curtains are an important detail of the interior of the kitchen, so their design and quality must meet all the requirements of any modern family. Making repairing at home, or just decided to refresh a bit the situation, many people are faced with the dilemma whether to choose blinds or curtains for the kitchen? Undoubtedly, such blinds are cool because of their functional versatility, but they are strongly associated with office working schedule, and still in the home interior design most people prefer to see drapes and curtains, from which comfort and warmth emanate. Modern design curtains for the kitchen are not limited to modest curtains and blinds with the pickups. Design options for the window start from minimalistic roman curtains and roller blinds to exotic bamboo and lavishly-pompous curtains with swags in a classic style.

How to choose right modern kitchen curtains?

First, decide what functions should perform kitchen curtains? There are only two: aesthetic and practical. So, if the kitchen window facing the South, then you will just need to hide from sunlight during certain hours of the day. There is also a need to close the windows from prying eyes, if your apartment occupies the lower floors or is situated in the centre of the city. In these cases, it’s better to choose curtains made from heavy drapery, blinds or roll-up options.

If the curtains for the kitchen are designed to perform exclusively its decorative properties, and to decorate the room, then it is better to stay on the semi-transparent models from tulle, organza, voile, mesh and so on. Such curtains are selected in accordance with the color, style and design space, for fitting perfectly to the situation and transforming everyday life. In any case, the curtains should allow air and natural light, be made of easily washable and safe materials, and be easily blend with other items and elements of kitchen interior.

The best types and models of modern kitchen curtains

* Roman “shades” for the kitchen – it is really an ideal option. They are the most practical and functional curtains with nice design and easy function. Roman blinds in the kitchen take up minimum space, but are characterized by their beauty and grace. In addition, simple and elegant, uncluttered and economical, Roman blinds in the kitchen are perfectly combined with other  curtains made from other fabrics, cotton, tulle, velvet, brocade, organza, duta and so forth. The design of Roman blinds for the kitchen great fits with any style space, from Classic to Modern, from Minimalist to high-tech.

* Classic curtains. This model is made from a whole cloth that covers the window from the ceiling to the window sill, two side webs, hanging down to the floor, and also decorating the top of the pelmet. Well, these blinds are suitable in the kitchen in Country style, Provence and the Mediterranean variant of an interior design. Indisputable plus of this romantic view of the framing window is that here you can combine different fabrics and decor to create a truly magical and unique window composition.

* Japanese panel. This eastern country became very popular nowadays, so that Japanese design in kitchen is also on the top today. Such panels are long and narrow webs of fabric, of a width up to 80 cm and the length from the eaves to the floor, or above it. These curtains look great in a minimalist, Oriental, Asian and ethnic interiors, practical and ultra-modern designs. Their advantage is that the flow of fabric on them is minimal, they are profitable and look great in large rooms, where fabric panels are combined by material, color, pattern and texture. They can also serve as a way unusual zoning kitchen space, for example, as fabric screens between the dining room and kitchen.

* Curtains in the style of “cafe”. These curtains can be of two types, the first is a small draped curtains, running from the middle of the window. The second long curtains to the floor with a lot of decor.  The convenience of this model is undeniable, the curtains do not prevent natural light to pass into the room while preserving the privacy of the situation, due to the hidden lower part of the window opening.

* Simple curtains. This traditional type of design of window areas can be made from beautiful variant of tulle, organza, voile, lace, micro foil, mesh, silk, or a similar, light and transparent, matter. Such curtains do not prevent the light and do not interfere with free air circulation, which is important, as well as giving the room a freshness and lightness.

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