Modern Cream, Antique White Kitchens

Have you ever imagined being an owner of the antique white kitchen with its laconism and the open space that is full of air and sunlight? The graphite gray tile floors will bring the crisp of lines, this is the way the modern kitchen look like. This trend allows you to create a space of simplicity and elegance, numerous examples you can see in the gallery. Here are the beautiful cream kitchens give the cheery feeling, they are bright and give the feeling of peace and comfort.

That is obvious that color shades and wood stains are in trend from one season to another, but antique white and cream kitchens will be out of favor without aby doubt. Well-designed off-white kitchen will be out of competition.

The best design solutions are in monochrome color schemes, and especially with the combination of black and grey. But you can add any colors that you like to make the space warmer or more vivid; it’s a large field for the imagination.

The simple solution – colored walls, it will bring the interior closer to nature; also accent color delineates the space. Thus, if it allows, you can create multiple working areas and use each wisely. It will be very appropriate to add more plants and other decorative elements that remind us about nature.

Think about the central color – it is obviously white, but you can use the contrasting one and other different shades. Maybe it will be the cabinets’ countertops – they can be made of stone, it looks rich and provides high strength and eco-friendliness all of the furniture.

Lots of details will make the room stylish; this can be kitchenware, refrigerator, stove or other items. And don’t forget about the main requirement – high level of cleanliness, all the dark stains and smudges will stand out immediately. But the result is worth it, you get the perfect space that will appeal to all.

Antique white kitchen cabinets are easier in this regard, the pure white kitchens are more demanding. So just don’t forget about dusting and cleaning as frequent as required.

If there’s enough space make the island in the kitchen center and put the working zone on the perimeter. This will help to save a place for family members and gather around one big table in the mornings. The other important requirement – to be gentle with the using colors, everything should done very appropriate with a good taste. So it’s time to change the design and give the kitchen a new life.

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