Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinets

The blue color has lot of shades – navy, maroon or midnight – all of them can’t be counted, so the design solutions can be variable. When we see this color we feel space, height and depth, this is the sky and the sea, the air we breathe.

It’s clear that blue color has one interesting effect – it reduces the appetite, if you are watching the figure it’s the plus. The demand for it doesn’t change over the years, because the color of the water is beyond fashion and time. Even after five and ten years from now, your kitchen will look stylish and fashionable.

The association with the color are different – stability, calm, safety, peace and cleanliness, that’s how God remind us about the eternal themes.

The most popular combination is blue with grey; these colors perfectly fit to each other. But the important requirement is enough lightning, though the space will look cold and lifeless. But there’s also the other decision of the problem – to add warm shades in the interior of the kitchen and make an apron and countertops cozy will help warm yellow or orange colors.

Blue as the main color looks not always appropriate, so many designers advice to use one more central tone in contrast. Basically, buyers prefer blue kitchen set in a modern style. Most often, the facades of blue cabinets are made of plastic, most of all glossy.

Blue facades in the kitchen are not as dark as black or brown, and look very fashionable and modern. If your purpose is to make kitchen more cheerful, you can use the two-tone variants. One major nuance – the darker color of the facades should be usually on the bottom line of kitchen cabinets, and lighter ones are on the top drawers.

The blue kitchen cabinets should be properly dusted. The cleanliness is the thing of great importance as it is strongly associated with this conception.

Textiles are able to help in the design of the blue kitchen and can decorate not only the window, but small cushions and tablecloth. The napkins and towels should be also good combines with the other pieces.

Blue and white interior will remind you about the clouds and the blue sky. It can be supplemented with orange or yellow elements. You can also use sand and milky shades. Use all these recommendations and you could achieve a really stylish and harmonious result. Just add more light and dilute the dark shades with bright accents. Using this color you can have great opportunity to implement the boldest decisions in the interior.

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