Modern antique kitchen furniture

When you are planning any space, it is necessary to understand how interconnected all the details of the interior, not only from a visual standpoint, but also from the functional side.

Kitchen is very important to observe the laws of ergonomics planned space. It is especially important to take into account these laws for small kitchens. In these kitchens often have to give up some household items, technical innovations, but it is important not to give up the chief and try to make the layout of the kitchen 2 by 2 meters was quite comfortable for the hostess. Previously it was thought that there are three points of kitchen activity, which should be connected by shortest lines, that is located at the vertices of an imaginary triangle plate, sink, fridge. Stove – top of the triangle, and a sink and a refrigerator are from her roughly equal distances, and in between – the work surface. Such planning is considered that the owner saves up to 30% of the time with a different arrangement is spent on the move. However, technological progress does not stand still. Have become popular recently and microwave multi cooking, coffee makers and toasters, call into question the fact that the plate must show them apex of the triangle.

There has to be approached individually to the issue of ergonomics. It is possible that antique kitchen furniture at the head of the triangle should be put desktop with multi cooking and plate as used rarely shift from the center. Particularly relevant is a distribution where is planning small kitchens. In these kitchens it is very important to the proper placement of functional areas.

And what about those who have a completely custom version, for example such plan kitchen 3.3 one wall, and the second no more than 2m rather narrow space.

Important information

Several layout options can be offered in this case: the window is not located in an end face and on the side wall and the door, on the contrary, in the end, in this case it is possible to place the entire cupboards angle along the long and short walls and dining table make folding under window. Window and door are located at the ends facing each other – then the workers-in kitchen is located along one of the blank walls, and under the window logical to install the sink, dining table and hinged on a free blank wall or sliding from the work area. Window and door located on one of the long walls, in this case it is necessary to arrange the dining area in the window, and the work area by the letter from genuine dining side and opposite end. It is understood that in each of these options may be nuances, but especially not clear up with a variety of ideas with such dimensions, sometimes play a role here, even centimeters. For example, kitchen layout 2.2 – 3.2, when the width is increased by 20 cm, and the length is reduced by 10 cm will be a more convenient for the first and second embodiments. We think standard cabinet lower tier has a depth of 60 cm. The width of the table for easy serving breakfast or lunch, too, should be no less. It is necessary to pass under the kitchen width of 2 m. – 80 cm. And in the kitchen width of 2.2 m. Have a meter, which is much more comfortable.

What need to know?

In the past, many have perfected your kitchen life through the use of drawings of the most popular magazines. At one time it was fashionable to do the kitchen furniture made of boards from the boxes. Instructions such a transformation of container into the kitchen furniture. And today, many people like to make their own different elements of the situation, but here plays the role of the price of the finished product, and the love of homemade. Such cases are not currently widespread, since the range of offers furniture manufacturers very broad, as in domestic and foreign representatives of this business. In place of home-made, many of which had to do with their hands, come all kinds of designer tables – transforming, which when folded look elegant. Sometimes, these tables become one turn of the hand in the remarkable picture, sometimes combined with elegant shelves. The choice is wide and varied.

A small kitchen can be quite cozy and comfortable. The main thing, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the layout of the space, consider all the features and nuances.

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