Mission Style Kitchens

Although many people think that a word ” Mission” means the Craftsman style, it really means a few other old styles. Look at the photo gallery, that is located below the article!
This Crown Point kitchen has light wooden cabinetry, that provides it with historical details.
This type of kitchen design and Stickley design appeared in 1900 in America. That is why many people call Stickley style as “Mission” and there are both names in our consciousness.

Mission kitchen cabinetry is usually made by skilled artisans. They always use only the best construction and joinery methods while the building process. As a result, they get very comfortable, practical, reliable and high-quality kitchens, that are able to be used by many generations of people.
Many firms and shops offer us to buy their “so-called Mission” products today. But I strongly believe, that it is better to buy a kitchen at hereditary carpenters’ markets, because they are only one,who knows how to create a traditional Mission kitchen.
High quality lighting means a tot for a perfect Mission kitchen cabinetry. Try not to choose too modern lamps, because they may destroy a historical style of the Mission kitchen. True Craftsman lights should be made of glass, wood or bronze. It also should be warm-colored to give an amazing shining and welcoming warmth the room. Try to place your kitchen lights under the taple, eating area, kitchen island , kitchen surface and even into the kitchen cabinetry to make a special interior lighting.
What is another distinctive feature of Mission kitchen style? Of course, it is a clever using of the kitchen space and it’s particular decoration.

You can find a breakfast table and English hock almost in every Mission houses.
Our team has designed a kitchen eating place in our friends’ gorgeous home, which is located in California. We have made it in the L-shape form, and it looks very interesting! So they lived it! You are able to see our design projects below this article! May be you will like their view!

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