Mexican Kitchen Design

Mexican kitchens are as daring and hot as Mexicano dishes and tastes. The popularity of this style is growing now. Bright shades of colors and inviting atmosphere are meaningful for making a native Mexican kitchen style.
This kitchen features yellow air-brick walls, brown wooden cabinets and a mix of small and big kitchen tile.

It is better to choose saturated colors such as orange kitchen cabinets, light gold walls, white kitchen island, dark blue island surface are able to create a view of native Mexicano kitchen. Choose the sunny and warm colors like bright yellow to paint the walls. Notice, that an “artificial-stone” stucco looks great on the walls.
Open shelves with clay kitchen dishes, textile covering, a vase with exotic fruits on the table and red chili catch the eye to the perfect interior of this Mexicano kitchen.
Look at the colorful decorative details like little sombrero, national Mexicano works of art, colorful bowls and fruits, they revive empty walls effectively! Other interesting sceneries are Mexican pepper and salt, hand-made dishes, iron stands, beautifully made tapestry and breadbasket.
Making kitchen surface, masters use the materials like granite and marble. Iron pendant lamps with cobalt deep-colored kitchen surface and colorful tile make a special illuminating trick and give the room an astonishing and authentic Mexican view.

Look at the rural tiles, that are very popular in Mexico! Wide pieces of wooden parquet are able to give your kitchen room a special charm and coziness.
Mexican kitchen style is becoming more and more popular in America nowadays. As for me, I think, that it is not surprising that a popularity of this style is increasing now, because , on the one hand, Mexican kitchen cabinets combine a beautiful appearance and , on the other hand, they have a high quality and functionality too.
Also you may add your Mexican exterior Mexicano cactuses and special wooden kitchen accessories.
If you like more classical or antique kitchen styles, read our other articles about them!

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