Medium Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

These wood kitchen cabinets help to create the special warm atmosphere and make the space for family meetings and friendly gatherings. It gives the sense of nature, has a relaxing affect and in different combinations looks very interesting.

Delicate forest aroma and a unique look of the “dressed” in tree kitchen will make it a favorite place for all the family members. Having a little skill of repairs, the owner will be able to cope with the finishing of any surfaces. Often the medium wood kitchen cabinets are combined with a tiles or plaster, and then painted areas.

Wood cabinets in the kitchen can look as good as new for decades if you do the simple rules of caring for them. Do not neglect this, it will take not so much time bringing the light wood into the proper form, and the result is obvious. Let this be your weekly household meditation, and then time will not leave any traces on the appearance of the kitchen set made of wood.

Specialists say that the interior with the domination of this wood tone has a good effect on psychological state, by improving the emotional background and associated with safety and security.

It’s time to draw attention to the fact that medium wood can be perfectly combined with the green color. For example below are some photos of the kitchen, where the main colors are green and woody. Here you can see how perfectly everything matched and suited to each other. Green color is used in finishing, as well as in the decor of the interior of the kitchen room.

The other variant – the wooden panels of light wood used for walls, spectacular perfect dark grout matches the countertops and kitchen apron. Lower level of kitchen cabinets is made of the same materials, as finishing. The result is a modern space with contrasting interior.

Using the wood of medium color in the manufacture of kitchen storage systems allows achieving interesting design solutions in the framework of the kitchen interiors. Even a small space where you want to place in addition to the kitchen and dining room is suitable, it is important that the finishing was not dark. In this case, wood kitchen cabinets look especially great.

The medium wood cabinets look great at the background of brick masonry, repeating some of its shades. The mix of styles in one space will give the result of an original and personalized appearance of your kitchen.

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