Medium Wood Cabinets, Brown – Traditional Kitchen Design

What is more natural than brown wood cabinets? They remind us about the tranquility and peace of the forests and make the special environment that is full of coziness and rest. Here everyone will feel himself like at home, you can cook or receive the guests, and it’s the perfect place for welcoming a new day.

Imagine the trunk of a tree, it’s imposing and gives the feeling of stability. It’s warm and vital, similar emotions you’ll get in the kitchen with medium wood cabinets – this is the exact atmosphere for friendly gatherings.

There is no need to tell about the popularity of this choice – they came into fashion many decades or even centuries ago and now are not out of favor. Look at the photos and find the most suitable variation, maybe it will be the massive construction with lots of decorations or you prefer simple and geometric forms – all you need is to find your own style.

Also the design solution of the kitchen should be appropriate to the whole conception. Look at the golden-brown wood cabinets; they are the example of the aristocracy and classical traditions. But it dictates a certain style and will seem ridiculous if there mostly as high-tech or minimalism. That’s why we talk about the traditional kitchen design.

If you need to create the feeling of lightness and purity, add to the brown wood cabinets lots of plants, green is perfectly fitting here. Also glass and steel can be recommended – the light wicker chairs and white tableware will supplement the general impression.

So the first rule – there shouldn’t be anything extra, everything’s simple and the minimum of decoration. The surfaces are smooth and shining, reflecting different kitchen items – it makes the whole room more spacious.

But there’s a big space for tile variations – it can be in the same color scheme or be the bright spot of the interior. The best compiling colors are grey, beige, white, yellow and green, but in little proportions you can add something more extending.

Don’t forget about the proper care – these cabinets are rather practical, but also need attention. If you want to avoid dust and grain clean the surfaces periodically. Wood finish needs the respect and special attitude, so don’t forget about it. The choice of the brown kitchen cabinets is wide, so you can choose different shades and configurations that will fit the space perfectly.

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