Materials and doors design in laminate kitchen cabinets

The problem of solid doors – close the contents of the cabinet, while the glass doors show the beautiful dishes. Glass doors in the upper cabinets to visually open the space make it visually more spacious. Such doors may consist of several pieces of glass, having a beveled edge, be textured, etched, and painted or mirror. Pay attention to the type of glass. If you do not like to constantly put things in order in closets, select obscured or textured glass, through which will not see the contents of the cabinet.


Alternative door using solid or upper laminate kitchen cabinets – open shelves. They are also visually expanding the space and give the room a personalized touch. The style can be anything: from the glossy modern to classic warm. Whatever you choose, cleanliness, order and tidiness – the necessary conditions for the use of open shelves and cabinets with transparent glass doors.

Another common type of doors – plastic laminate film or rigid term. Doors from a plastic laminate similar to the flat door, but they are based on 1.5-cm panel of MDF, lined on all sides laminate. Doors of the term films made on the basis of 2-centimeter panels made of MDF with veneer from the heated polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This surface is resistant to abrasives, and it is easily scratched. These doors are not as durable as a door, lined with plastic laminate.

Style doors

When choosing the doors take into account the overall style of cuisine. First, determine with the material, and then with style and at the same time you need to remember about the budget allocated for the purchase of kitchen furniture.

For an open space with a painting laminate kitchen cabinets fit doors, blinds. Kitchen door grab decorated in country-house style. In the kitchen bungalow will look great in a trade door style. For the modern home or apartment suitable flat door or door from the array. The smaller your kitchen, the easier it should be the design of doors. Doors, decor abounding, will overload the already small space. Let the doors of style in harmony with the overall design of your home.


Types of white laminate kitchen cabinets:

  • DOUBLE end loop. This is a classic type of white laminate kitchen cabinets suitable for furniture in a traditional style. Such loops are inexpensive. They consist of two metal plates (wings) on tight or loose pins. DOUBLE loops can be cut-and harmless.
  • Mortise hinges are used for hanging relief doors, located on the same level. The external plate attached to the body of the cabinet, and the inner – towards the back of the door. Nervous loops are used for doors or doors with overlap, partially opening the facade frame. DOUBLE end loops are not suitable for doors in the hull (for their installation would require separate latches and locks).
  • Hidden hinges (called euro loops). They are attached with screws and allow the transverse and longitudinal installation. Hinges of this type are durable. To install enough recess 35 mm in length. Such loops amenable to adjustment for self-closing mechanisms. Concealed hinges provide a perfect appearance doors – is the best option for the doors overlap.
  • Special curved loop. These loops are designed for grooved doors. These loops will look good in any style. They are easy to install, and they are quite inexpensive.
  • Overhead loop. Surface loops are affordable, easy to install and cannot be adjusted. To the door kept closed, the latch is needed. It is important that these loops correspond to the style of your kitchen.
  • Swing hinges. These loops are suitable for heavy laminate kitchen cabinet doors inside the hull. To install required recesses in the door and the body of the cabinet. They are difficult to control, and they need to catch.
  • Self-closing hinges. Spring in these loops closed door using help. This is a good option if you are constantly using wardrobes, and once you close them.
  • Adjustable hinge. These hinges allow you to adjust the course of the doors. Such loops can be adjusted even after their installation.

Other types of white laminate kitchen cabinets: forming, the hinge, rod, secret, piano hinges and hinges for glass doors. Your kitchen will more beautiful and comfortable!

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