Making nice room: thomasville kitchen cabinets

To avoid soiling finish, whitewash the ceiling is made up papering the walls. In small kitchens ceiling execute better in bright colors. Using a soft beige or ocher, on the ceiling will not be noticeable darkening that can occur in the kitchen while smoking or when using a gas stove.


Repair of kitchen could turn into a work of art, if the walls are covered with decorative plasters ready. Building stores offer a variety of options decorative finishes:

  • Decorative plaster with natural marble aggregate;
  • Fully stone;
  • Imitation silk coverings;
  • Fully fragmentary stone;

Important for thomasville kitchen cabinets to choosing the finishing option, the material must be resistant water-repellent properties, as the wet cleaning in the kitchen is often held. On the kitchen floor it is advisable to lay tile or laminate moisture resistant, economical option – linoleum. After the repair of the main small-sized kitchen, can be determined with the kitchen furniture, color schemes and lighting.

A small square room to fill in no-frills furnishings and carefully, emphasizing the upper tier – use shelves and hanging lockers. Rationally will use functional folding seats and benches. Global manufacturers of kitchen sets offer construction-folding tables, which are effectively cleaned if necessary.

  • Designers are advised to diversify the interior with unexpected decorative elements that help make the small kitchen are bright and airy.
  • Extremely impressive look carved decorative items made of wood and metal.
  • Plenty of room and airiness of the interior give the mirror surfaces. Visually expand the narrow room mirror inserts on the walls.
  • Converts standard interior will also help modern stickers on furniture and household appliances.

Decoration Materials

Decorating the walls in small rooms is better to choose in light tones, as this increases the area. Tanned connected dosed – visually expand the space is darker shade for the frame panels or columns at the corners.

Wall cabinets and panels, PVC, plastic or wooden paneling is suitable, if the walls are uneven, covered with cracks and potholes. Plastering work will cost the owners dearly, and will be more dirt. It is much easier to install a metal frame and decorate the walls of a plastic lining. It is easy to clean, and a great range of colors and allows you to arrange the kitchen in any style.

Finishing the apron in the work area

The interior can be transformed with the help of bright original apron in the work area. Building supermarkets offer many modern materials for this:

  • Self-adhesive wallpaper with moisture repellent composition.
  • Plastic panels of different colors and textures.
  • Ceramic tile. A variety of colors allow you to create harmonious artistic compositions.
  • Stylish original apron made of glass with a picture in 3D format.
  • A wide choice of modern building materials at affordable price allowing yourself to make cosmetic repairs.

Color spectrum

Give preference to lighter shades of soft, slightly framed decorative elements of dark tones. In the cold winter, you will be visually warm and cozy, and in hot weather – cool. Beige wall decoration is perfectly combined with almost any interior.

A small area of the visual can be increased with the help of wallpaper, different figure, or in the dining area to create a mural in the style of a bundle. Carrying out repairs of a small kitchen, the owners are often faced with a long and narrow geometry of the room. Tip: if you choose light-colored wallpaper on the walls of the narrow and wide on the wallpaper paste over a darker color, the room will visually square.

Practical advice:

On one wall is difficult to put all the shelves in the kitchen, even L-shaped version will not save the situation. Maximum U-shaped suitable accommodation option cooking utensils.

Across the height of the walls of rational use of shelves and racks.

The bar counter in combination with high narrow chairs occupies minimal space without cluttering up valuable space. The rack can serve as a table or work surface.

Number of kitchen equipment can be left the same, but select it with smaller dimensions. Built-in appliances do not work worse, and takes less space. Kitchen utensils can also be placed in small, stylish and convenient cabinets with drawers on wheels.

  • Additional lighting device can help to increase the visual perception of space.
  • Errors and advice in the planning and design of the kitchen 7 sq. m
  • Avoid bulky furniture in a small kitchen. Better to use compact plastic headsets.
  • Do not place furniture and equipment, if in the zone of sink-stove-refrigerator will break in a doorway.
  • If the table and balcony or window sill can be combined, it can be integrated into the countertop sink.

It is always interesting to work with non-standard tasks: small squares, the special requirements of customers, because it not only gives you the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and experience, but also to create a deeply personal project.

Nine square meters for the thomasville kitchen cabinets area is not a small space, but sometimes their location so unusual and uncomfortable that a simple alteration of the kitchen requires high precision

Design Features

In our history of square meters it was initially more due to the fact that the kitchen and living room combined customer. But one of the prerequisites was clearly divided kitchen area and living space. Therefore, a work area and storage area is very isolated and compact with respect to the entire room. The area reserved for them.

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