Led kitchen lighting, popular questions and answers

By the recent time the kitchen lighting was a really boring as we didn’t have a big choice of the lighting fixtures, but now the situation has totally changed. Lots of new and original solutions were found out by the designers who has got the opportunity to make the different accents by the lighting difference.

So nowadays the most interesting lightings fixture is a LEDs tape which since not a long game ago can be bought almost in any building materials store which is pretty useful if you would like to change one of them, for example. Led kitchen lighting is one of the most interesting and unusual variants of the house lighting, which will surely make the special atmosphere of romantic in any kitchen with any style.

The Led’s installation is actually a pretty easy process, but here as in any other operation you should follow the rules and instructions paying your attention on every detail and that’s exactly what we have this article about.

This type of lighting is based on the semiconducted diodes which can have totally different power which also means that the more powerful diodes you gonna have on a tape the brighter the light will be. Also they can have totally different color and only you decide which you prefer, but you should know that the white diodes are usually the most expensive as they are of course the most popular.

The really important fact is that led kitchen lighting is really the most economical type of lighting so by using it you will safe so much electricity.

What you should pay your attention on when you buy it.

  • The LED tapes are usually supplied coiled on a coil having the capacity in 5 m. When you buy this tape in a shop you should pay your attention on the arrangement density because the the less LEDs you gonna have on 1 squared meter the more dark zones you gonna have when you use it. The Led tapes with a high lighting output usually have 240 diodes on 1m.
  • Another thing you should pay your attention on is a type of a diode which makes the base for the LEDs. Diode can me made of one or three crystals and the lighting from the last variant will be much more bright.

Buying LEDs tape you will also get:

  • Dimmer – is a device to regulate the brightness of the lighting.
  • Power Supply – the LEDs tapes work with 12 or 24 volts and according to this you need to choose the right power supply.
  • The amplifiers – in some situations the power of the dimmer just isn’t enough for the productive work of the diodes so then you can use the amplifiers.
  • The fasteners – the screws and the dulls.
  • The dull with the nozzle or a screwdriver.

The advantage of the LEDs kitchen lighting.

The LEDs using has actually so many visible advantages:

  • It’s really persistent to external mechanical damages.
  • It lasts really long as one Led kitchen lighting is able to work for 14 and even more years 15 hours per day.
  • You have a really big opportunity to express yourself as you can use all the exciting colors that Led can you provide with, and it’s really a lot. You can put the white one under the kitchen cabinet, the yellow one under the kitchen set plinth and the blue one inside the glassed front panel of the kitchen island. Moreover now you can also find the LEDs that work in infrared and UV range.
  • The LEDs will provide you with the really powerful lighting and it’s doesn’t need the time for the heating up.
  • It becomes more and more available as it’s pretty popular now and so many analogs are really not expensive.
  • The possibility to use the led tape with the different angle of lighting.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Undemanding to the temperature of the room.

The process and the places of the led kitchen lighting placement.

The quantity of the crystals in a line directly effects the quantity of colors in the LEDs tape. Generally, they can provide 15 000 000 of shades of you unit the crystals of the different brightness.

You can make the LEDs for the following aims:

  • The combined lighting for the zoning the place, allocation of the kitchen cabinets and the niches.
  • The backlighting of the paintings or another parts of the interior.
  • The backlighting of he kitchen apron.  Especially its gonna look really effectively if the apron is made from the glass.
  • The lighting inside the kitchen cabinets.
  • The allocation of the stained and the transparent glasses.
  • Setting the lighting in the plinth under the kitchen set is gonna make it look like he kitchen is literally flying.
  • he backlighting of the few levels of the ceiling.
  • The Led lighting of the bar will make the atmosphere of the real bar place.

Led kitchen light fixtures.

The LEDs for the working zone are necessary to have a special waterproof layer which is gonna save the kitchen light fixtures from the steams and the dirt like the cooking fat. It means that you can clean the surface of the kitchen cabinets straight with the LEDs.

The LEDs installation to the table means the straighten of the special aluminum profile which is gonna cover all the wires and make the lighting looking esthetically good. You can also use the self glueing tapes to make the backlighting. Also you can make it possible to change the colors and the brightness by setting the special devices.

Using the LEDs in the kitchen working zone (where you cook the dishes, cut the vegetables or wash the dishes) you can use an additional source of lighting. Here you should also use the constructions with the high level of saving from the water humidity.  You can use the bilateral scotch to fix them in this case or even use few of them to make a special decorative effect.

How to choose the right Led kitchen lighting: analyzing and the comparing.

Most of the times the installation of the LEDs is performed by the SMD-Diodes.

All of them are classified in the certain way of signs:

  • The quantity if the crystals – from 1 to 4;
  • The type of lighting – full color or monochrome;
  • The the sizes: the diapason is between 1,06×0,8 to 5,0×5,0 mm.

Before you buy the LEDs tape you need to decide what type of lighting you want to finally have. So here the recommendations are:

  • The SMD 50×50 LED tape with the three-crystal LEDs will perfectly fit for the working and the dining zone and gonna provide you with the smooth bright lighting.

The one-crystal SMD 35×28 Led tape will be perfect for the decorative backlighting.

So basically LED tape is a group of few small LEDs, placed in the same plane. It can also have few species depending on the density of the LEDs placement:

  • 30 pieces / 1m;
  • 60 pieces / 1m;
  • 120 pieces / 1m;
  • 240 pieces / 1m.

So here we come to the conclusion that the power and the brightness depends on the quantity of the LEDs on its tape.

Also we can separate the Led tapes into the groups based on the possibility of the waterproof:

  • LP20 – can not be used in a kitchen because it can not handle the high level of the humidity.
  • LP65 – has the middle level of the moisture so it can be used in a kitchen.
  • LP68 – has a full moisture, so you can backlight even the swimming pool with it.

Led kitchen ceiling lights.

This type of lighting becomes really popular as it has a good feature to make everything look futuristic and stylish. You can definitely put them into the cornices, suspended ceilings and inside the furniture, but most of the time you use the led light to make an accent on some special part of your kitchen, to light something directly, but it’s not really good to choose it for the lighting of the whole kitchen as the light will not be bright enough as you always want it to be while cooking if only you don’t want to keep the romantic atmosphere during all the time.

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