Kitchens with islands: ideas for any kitchen and budget

Modern design world offers a great variety of kitchens with islands. Here are just a few of those. Different combinations are possible as well.

  1. Buffet kitchen island

Usual buffet is a kitchen cabinet with glass doors, dish shelves, lower drawers and a wide open shelve that divides the construction into two parts. And now imagine the buffet removed from the wall and placed topless into the center of the room. It would be a real rather functional kitchen island where many things can be held including dishes.

In this case, the horizontal surface of the island is used as a dining table or a cooking place and the bottom part contains cabinets and shelves for various items. It might have glass doors and fronts just like the kitchen set.

  1. Kitchen island with a bar

The bar is getting more popular in the kitchen island design. Why not? It is good-looking, unusual and it is comfortable to host guests in a room that looks like a cozy cafe. Placing the bar in the center of the kitchen will bring the same island into the kitchen. Sometimes kitchen island consists only of the bar without some additional functionality. However, since it doesn’t help to save area, it’s better to use it as a work surface at the top and the bottom can be supplied with shelves and cabinets.

After all if rising the usual kitchen island up from the standard 33.5 inches to 43.3 inches it’ll change into a bar. In that case the high chairs over 29.5 inches can be helpful.

  1. Kitchen island with a sink

In order to use all the opportunities of the kitchen island some householders decide to replace their sink over it. That’s a good and possible way. It can make the kitchen comfortable and functional. Owners might wash their dishes next to the dining zone so everything is within reach. Nevertheless when making kitchen island with a sink there might be certain difficulties. Thus, it might take one to rise floor level up, as there should be placed sewer and water pipes. Anyway the expectations from the maximum functionality make it worth paying.

  1. Kitchen island with cooking surface

Of course, it’s possible to move not just a sink but the cooking top as well. Or might just move both as well. Let the island become the real kitchen center, the place for the householder to cook and guests observe the process while expecting the red-hot meals. It’s not that hard to remove the electric or induction surface. As for the gas top one might face some problems as there should be a special license for additional gas pipe. Besides the floor should be partly removable as it’s not allowed to immure the gas pipes. In this case it would be better to get a new induction cooking top and special dishes for it.

  1. Kitchen island with a double level surface

In case when kitchen island is multifunctional it is worth to accent the sections with a double level surface. The level difference doesn’t have to be more than an inch, just to show the difference in functionality of the cooking and entertainment zones.

  1. Round- or oval-shaped kitchen island

The island doesn’t have to be square- or rectangular- shaped. Just use your imagination, and it can be of any shape. It might be round from the bottom to the top. Alternatively, standard square- or rectangular-shaped but covered with a round top. It’s easier to place drawers, shelves, and home appliances inside the square-shaped base. Oval- and round-shaped islands are more secure though because of no sharp corners on your way.

Nowadays crescentic-shaped islands are getting modern as an original and very comfortable island. The inner side of it is the working zone with everything within reach and the outside is the dining zone with the chairs.

  1. Kitchen island with a pull-out table

Usually this table is a place for cooking with a small working zone. There might be an oven and a sink as well. However, it might change into a full dining table in case guests or family members come around. The main thing here is to choose reliable fixing. There should be enough space left around the table.

There are many other different ways to organize a kitchen with island. Some include fridges, ovens, dishwasher and even washing machine. It also depends on one’s fantasy and budget of course.

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