Kitchens with islands and their variations

Kitchen is such a place that requires a lot of space and places to fit your pots and dishes, and at the same time serve as a reasonable place for all the appliances. For that reason kitchens with islands had become a really popular solution for all problems. Not only can they store all of your kitchenware in their drawers, but they can also fit in concealed appliances, such as oven, dish washer or a sink and with just a few chairs, it turns into a wonderful table where your family can communicate during breakfast on Sunday.

You can fit a kitchen island in almost any kitchen, but you should remember one rule. And that rule is to use your common sense. Meaning, you should measure your kitchen before buying any kitchen islands. What exactly is important? To make sure that all of your drawers and doors will open with no trouble, there needs to be a distance of about 4 feet between the kitchen island and any other object in the room, especially if that object has doors that can be opened.

The rest about the kitchen island depends only on you. The color, the shape the edges, everything is up to you.

A Common Kitchen Island

This type of island is quite simple as it just has some drawers and countertop to provide you with some extra space for cooking and storing things, and you don’t even need to attach it to the wall. If you’re having a party your family can help you cook, because up to four people can stand near this kitchen island and help with food preparations.

Island Table

This is the best option for those who just need a new table in the kitchen without changing the design itself. Why is that? This type of a table will be really portable, and you can cook on it if needed, serve dinner at it and move out of the way. Just remember to buy one with the extra drawers and stuff, if you are buying the kitchen island to have more storage places.

For Cooking

If you choose for yourself a kitchen island with an extended countertop at one side then you will have an opportunity to sit your children on chairs at the opposite side of the island and keep an eye on them while cooking some new dish or your child’s favorite pie. Even if the section below it doesn’t have too many shelves, it’ll still provide you with some extra storage place.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just decided to invite your friends to watch some sports competition while eating pizza or creating a surprise dinner for your sweetheart, a kitchen island can help you fulfill that plan. Many kitchen islands can have some small built-in fridges where you can keep some drinks or snacks for your parties. If you’re having fun at some more private meeting you can also keep your wine in the island frindge and then share it with your sweetheart. You might also think about adding extra sinks, because there’re never enough of those at the party.

Stay Clean

If you want to use the kitchen island specifically to wash dishes and wipe your other tables then you should consider to have one with both sink and dishwasher. In this way you can clean any table really quick, but supplying the dish washer will require some extra money. But you do agree that sometimes the price was worth the result, right? If you want this kitchen island to have some interesting features, you might consider using different materials like glass, along with unusual shapes.

Kitchen Islands Originality

Just as was mentioned previously you might make your kitchen look more interesting simply using some new materials or have some unique shape. Mostly, any island has rectangular shape, but don’t let it fool you. Round and wavy shapes are just as popular.

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