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So here you already fixated your kitchen set and the only thing that is not done yet is the establishing of the kitchen under cabinet lighting to backlight your cooking zone – one of the most important in the kitchen. So how to make the comfortable lighting so the light doesn’t make you blind, the lamps look good or be invisible at all and the food on the tabletop look delicious? Lets get inside of it and find the best solutions for the under kitchen cabinet lighting.

The main variants of the under cabinet kitchen lighting.

How and where we can establish or embed this kind of lighting:

We can put it under the kitchen cabinets: in the corner of between the lower surface of the cabinet and an apron, in the middle of the lower surface of the cabinet or closer to the end.

Under the top cabinet just above the sink. This kind of lighting can be as embed as overhead. This lighting can be a bit brighter then the previous one, but still it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t make you blind. And of course it should be waterproof so you are not afraid that some water will go on it as it’s just above the sink.

We can also put the lighting above the kitchen cabinet, inside of it to have the opportunity to open it during the night and take anything we want without crashing the dishes and inside the plinth of the kitchen set which is gonna make the effect of the flying kitchen.

The last variants have just the decorative meaning and they are not really that important while the first two are really necessary to take care about for the save joyful process of the cooking.

2 types of the under cabinet kitchen lamps and lighting fixtures.

The under cabinet kitchen lighting can be:

  • The embed lighting. This kind of lighting looks really accurate and its really invisible from the bottom which is the main reason it will never blind you while you are cooking. But another side of this is that this kind of lighting needs way more thorough planning of its establishing and drilling the bottoms of the kitchen cabinets.
  • The overhead lighting. This kind of lighting is really simple in exploitation because you can put them in any place you want without drilling the holes in the furniture for it.

Based on this let’s talk about the different types of lamps and lighting fixtures that we can use.

First of all let’s talk about the overhead lighting fixtures with the luminescent lamps of the day light. We found out about the existing of the special kitchen series which include the possibility of drilling under the kitchen cabinets and above the sink. The power plugs just into the first device in a line, but at the same time there can be 10 lamps plugged there which means that you are not gonna have so many wires as it usually happens. Moreover, it’s a really good idea to search some models based on a roof rails type so you can put the kitchen appliances on it. This type of a tabletop lighting is really comfortable and doesn’t need the dill in the kitchen cabinets for embedding which means that all the settings and installations can be done by yourself and it’s not gonna take much time. If you wanna make this backlighting more decorative then you can put it behind the special profile so the logo doesn’t go front, but the tabletop will be fully lighted.

The lighting based on the LEDs is also pretty popular. Moreover it’s popular to use the remote panel or the sensor switch to control it. The main advantage of the LEDS lighting is that the diodes are placed really close to each other which makes the tape is a really worthy alternative to the overhead lighting talking about the power of the lighting source. Moreover these systems are really compact and you can use all your imaginary to mix it, make the different forms and choose the different colors and also we should say that it’s really easy to establish it by yourself. The only “but” we have is that the LEDs module isn’t really cheap and needs to be connected through the transformer and the LEDs loose their brightness with time.

For the backlighting of the tabletop and the kitchen set you can also use the single lighting fixtures – the spots constructed with the LEDs technology. They look exactly like the daylight lamps, but don’t loose the brightness by the time and don’t excrete the warm. The single backlighting can be also different sizes and types, the spots can be embed turnable or overhead. And the most important thing to say is that they are perfect for the zones lighting which are placed in the corners or in a line.

4 rules of a well done and comfortable under kitchen cabinet lighting:

The under cabinet kitchen lighting looks way better if you choose it in the white range because it doesn’t distort the colors and look the most natural which is important in a cooking process.

If you want the kitchen to look more warm and to put a feeling of the eternal sunshine inside then you should choose the lamps with the traditional warm lighting.

It looks really good when the tabletop is lighted not just by few lift sources, but when you use more – then all the shadows are getting gone from your working zone and the lighting becomes more smooth.

The kitchen cabinet lighting should be definitely done in the same style as the rest of the kitchen set and should be in a harmony with it. The neutral white or the one from the warn tenge light will fit almost every kind of style, but you should be careful with the cold lighting.

So here are the main tips we could find for you and only you can decide to use it or not.

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