Kitchen trends 2015-2016: The manifestation of fashion trends 2015-2016 in the kitchen

At all times kitchen furniture should differ with maximum functionality. 2015 did not bring changes in this aspect. Modern manufacturers implement a lot of efforts on the most practical projects. The external decorative qualities of the furniture also have considerable weight in the selection of suitable furniture for the kitchen.

As in design kitchens 2014 furniture made in classic style are popular. It is characterized by natural materials and colors. Pastel colors and soft lines are perfect for rooms of any shape and size. In 2015 it is recommended to combine such with the mosaic floors and plenty of light. The second most common style is high-tech. Kitchens those are designed in this style are made of glass, metal and plastic. This style is characterized by a large number of storage and built-in appliances. This trend has successfully implemented the basic trend for kitchen furniture in 2015 – the maximum simplicity and practicality. Ergonomic shape and functional lighting will emphasize the main advantages of the design of kitchens.

The manufacturers have already demonstrated new developments in the field of furniture for kitchen on the special shows. In addition to classic shapes and proven styles the buyer can purchase models those are made with the help of using of the new unusual techniques of production and development. Using of a clear geometric lines and shapes allows creating a strict construction of regular shape. The product from the cubes and rectangles of bright colors looks spectacular. At the same time the structural elements can have very different dimensions.

Concise execution involves maximum simplification of the structure. Tendencies of 2015 exclude the use of stained glass, decorative columns, cornices and other accessories. Eco-style has become another popular trend in the kitchen design. The desire to be closer to nature manifests itself in all spheres of modern life. Most often it is expressed in the use of natural materials:

  • wood;
  • natural stone;
  • bamboo decor, textile, leather.

Easiness of use that is hidden behind massive facades also becomes an important element here. All storage systems, shelves and drawers become available via mechanisms those can easily open them. Optimization of the space allowed the developing for such manifestations of architectural thought as space zoning and combining a kitchen with living room, dining room or hallway.

All these factors have left their imprint on the formation of the new features in the structure of the furniture. For example, some sections in the building of kitchen cabinets can serve as individual pieces of furniture. Such a way you can create the desired comfort on condition of the space savings. The futuristic style continues to develop along with development of trends in the use of straight lines and clear forms. In addition using of 3D-panels for creating the volumetric drawings on the body of the kitchen sets allows getting not just furniture but the unique work of art.

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