Kitchen track lighting, 4 ideas

The track lighting is one of the local lighting sources. The situation is that the aim of the modern lighting fixtures isn’t just the kitchen lighting, but also it is one of the most important decor elements. And if you need to make an accent the attention or distinguish some of the interior parts than you just won’t handle it without the help of the track lighting.

What the track light actually is?

The track lighting is also called the spot lighting, and it’s definitely made on purpose because most of all it’s the directed lighting. The track lighting helps you to make some kind of the light spot which is backlighting that part of the interior which is needed.

Track lighting can consist just one or few lighting fixtures that usually have the halogen lamps placed on the kronshteyn. The main feature that this kind of lighting fixture has is the ability to move and turn to any angle and side you want making the directed lighting. Most of the track lighting fixtures have a special brightening control system called a restate. Which means that the track lighting fixtures help you to change the intensity and the angle of the lighting.

The configuration of the kronshteyn where the track lights are places can be truly different – it can be a plain line, semicircle, arc or a curve and you can put it wherever you want – it can be the ceiling, the walls or even inside the kitchen cabinets.

The track lighting is really popular nowadays and that happened only because the people quickly understood how multifunctional this lighting system is and how many advantages it has, but what the advantages are you will analyze by yourself.

The advantages and the limits or the track lighting.

The main advantages and the limitations are usually linked to the fact that these kinds of the lighting fixtures use the halogen lamp. Generally the halogen lamps are the lighting fixtures with the warm tone, but the range of its lighting is different from the one the incandescent lamps have. It’s way closer to the white color which helps to perfectly transmit the shades of the interior and food. Moreover, the lighting is gonna stay same bright during the whole time of its exploitation.

The halogen lamps are really well-known for its effective transformation of the electric lighting into the lighting one. Based on this conclusion we can say that the using of the halogen lamps really lower down the spendings on the electricity, moreover the halogen lamp’s exploitation time is way longer then the incandescent lamps have.

But we are talking not just about the advantages and one of the main limitation of the halogen lamps is that it’s really sensitive to any temperature changing. The power surges can rally destroy the lamp and after you can just put it into the trash. Another limitation is that the surface of the halogen lamps heats up really quick which means that you should be really following the fire safety instructions while establishing it. But actually the specialists almost solve this problem during the last few years. What they decided to do is to make the halogen lamps reflecting with the 2/3 of the lighting into the translucent glass, and that’s exactly why the lighted surfaces are less heated up now.

You should also remember that by placing the tracking lighting fixtures you want to emphasize the advantages of the interior, but not to show the repair deficiencies which your kitchen can have.

Moreover, don’t forget that track lighting is a really amazing and useful for the decorating the kitchen interior or making the directed local lighting, but not for the main lighting as it’s definitely not gonna be enough.

4 Kitchen track lighting ideas.

  • There are so many types of the track lighting fixtures and even more ways how and where to use it. Let’s just remind one more time that the track lighting systems can be placed on the ceiling, on the walls and even on the floor and exactly the last option gives us a right to make the ceiling visually more height. It’s a really some kind of a secret technique, but whatever goes it is it still doesn’t make the floor track lighting selling higher. But anyway, using the right angles of the track lighting establishing you can make the whole kitchen looking visually bigger and to put the things we like on the front side. It’s really important and if you are not sure if you can find the right angles by yourself than you should hire a designer to help you, also some of the track lighting fixtures have the really unusual fixing system which can make its establishing not such an easy process. So if you decided to stop on thins lighting system then you should pay your attention on each description of it.
  • Also a really interesting thing to tell about is the small kitchen lighting as most of us, especially the student and the young families don’t live in the big country houses. So here the track system isn’t gonna be just useful, but it’s gonna replace all the other lighting fixtures. You can always find the most the suitable variant even for the universal and easy looking kitchens, where the track lights  such as “Wunderlicht” would look just perfect and even better for the modern and minimal styled kitchens.Sometimes in the small kitchens you can see the small furniture track lighting fixtures placed on the kronshteyns which are pending from the top side of the kitchen cabinets. Actually. It’s also a really functional solution, as any good solution on the small kitchen IAlready makes you feel good, but from the esthetic point of view it’s not the best decision to use this king of a lighting fixture because it’s gonna make small kitchen looking even smaller.We already told that in this case we use the track lighting fixtures even for the ceiling lighting, but the other, also useful variant is to use the single track light instead of the embed backlighting along the whole kitchen cabinet, but in this case you will also need to establish the box made of the gypsum plasterboard.
  • The next and the more economical way is buy 2-5 track lighting fixtures with the lamps placed on the tyre. And you will need just a single electrical output in the middle of the ceiling for its installation, but the lighting from this group is gonna be already more smooth and complete then from just a single kitchen lighting fixture. Moreover it’s pretty simple to change the regulation of this lighting changing its angle if needed. And if you choose the power of the lighting fixture right, then you can leave it without an extra lighting of the kitchen working zone.
  • The really well-made, but not expansive track lighting fixtures you can find, for example, in IKEA or the other distributors that are really well-known the building sphere. We can call of them, as it’s not a secret: Globo (Austria), Arte Lamp, Odeon, Lightstar, LDLamp (Italy), MW-Light Maytoni (Germani), Citilux (Denmark) and LuceSolara (China).

The track backlighting of the kitchen working zone.

We already told in another articles how useful it is to have an extra lighting above the sink or on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Usually it doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is because anyway this source of lighting is always needed, just don’t forget that if you put the track lighting fixture above the sink, then it definitely should be waterproof or otherwise its gonna be dangerous.

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