Kitchen table lighting, 12 design proposals

So let’s turn on the light and the imaginary to make the lighting over the kitchen table in the most unusual ways!

We all know that the kitchen table isn’t just a place to eat, but also the place where all the family meet together,  the daily life news, sharing the thoughts and simply resting, which mean that such a multifunctional zone can not be backlighted just by one massive lighting fixture, we need something else. So make the special atmosphere and to feel the most comfortable we can use such the different types of the kitchen table lighting and that’s exactly what we are gonna talk about in our today’s article.

  • The natural lighting.

    We can solve the lighting problem by putting the table just in front of the windows so we gonna have the good light at least in a day time. The only problem is that not so many houses are really made with the big windows so most of the time it fits only the studios case.

  • The single lighting fixture over the kitchen table.

    If you want to make the atmosphere of the seclusion and cosiness you would use a single pendant lighting fixture. And if you want to mix this atmosphere with some interesting interesting effect, than you can choose some specially designed lighting fixtures which are giving the smooth and diffuse lighting which and  playing with the shadows like the one called “Suspension Bau Small” made by Normann Copenhagen.

  • The smooth lighting.

    Here the best example is the famous lighting fixture called chandelier – artichoke first created by the famous designer Poul Henningsen. And it doesn’t only make the most smooth non-glare lighting of the whole 360 degrees by having the special “leafs”, but also looks like the whole art project and surely will inspire you and your guests.

  • The attic windows.

    If you don’t have enough lighting from the main windows then here you can use the attic once. And not just because it lets twice more lighting though, but also it because it looks really modern and your guests are gonna be always amazed by this creative solution. All you need to do is to put the kitchen table just under it so it’s not gonna be just perfectly lighted, but also you can always observe anything happening above your head whatever it is the spring birds flying or the flakes of the first snow. Also the thing you should remember while choosing this kind of lighting over the kitchen table is that the square of the glazing should not be less then the 10% from the square of the lighted kitchen table.

  • Double the lighting.

    The next technique is really popular in Germany or you can also see it in the famous mirror hall of Versailles. The main idea is to double the illusion of the lighting by putting the mirror in front of the lighting fixtures. You can definitely say that this technique immediately makes the interior looking much more solemnly, chic and rich as if it would be the dining room the king. But if you definitely don’t have any source of the natural lighting in the kitchen, then just the mirror isn’t enough and it’s better to make the glazed ceiling and to establish the crystal chandelier.

  • Put some fire.

    A small fireplace the lighting from which is multiplying in the mirror or the glass behind is also a good solution to make an additional lighting source.

  • Getting all the fronts.

    The huge kitchen table need a really fitting lighting fixtures. So why just to stop on a single solution if you can choose bid ceiling lighting fixture as a main source of light, a floor lamp and a huge outdoor mirror to reflect it. To increase the lighting flow you can use the special ceiling mosaic which is kinda collecting the lighting from the windows and the chandelier.

  • Few scenarios of the lighting.

    Why not to plan the few kinds of the inclusion for the same kitchen table lighting? By switching the light from the top level to the lower we can control and make that kind of atmosphere which we can only want starting from bright and festive ending with the romantic and cosy mood which calms down. Also you can think about the different type of fixtures and we are not talking about the Led and fluorescent lighting. How about the idea to use the main ceiling lighting for the daily dinners with your family and the candles for the date of your life? Also the candles can be electric so it’s gonna be safe if someone, for example, pushes it and it falls on the table, but we all know that the traditional way is always the best.

  • Mark the boarders.

    If your kitchen isn’t really big and you kitchen table zone is really close to the place you cook the food, then you can separate those zones by the different lighting like, for example, putting the main big kitchen fixture over the dining table and some track lighting in the cooking zone. By doing this you can also choose the different colors for it to make the color separation as well. By the way, the track lighting is also a good solution for the backlighting of some special details of the kitchen interior and can help you to make the different accents whenever you want in there. Moreover you can choose this kind of lighting in a case of the movable dining zone. That means that if your table has a book construction and usually you use a folded version of it opening just sometimes when the guests are coming then the track lighting is a really good choice because you can direct them to the main point making the kitchen table surface lighted brightly when you are alone and to turn in towards the full table when you open it for the guests.

  • The busbar lighting fixtures.

    This is the most interesting and functional choice. First of all it looks really modern and stylish and second of all it is really useful for the big kitchen tables, because are able to light it full, but also to make the direct lighting on some special part, for example, if you have “the dish of the evening” and you want to pay everyone’s attention on it.

  • The pendant lighting.

    And don’t forget about the pendant kitchen table lighting as this type still keeps its position as one of the most popular and that’s pretty honest because this lighting fixtures are really multifunctional and do their job perfectly. You should put them not too close, but not too far from each other as well to make exactly the certain distance which is needed to light the kitchen table perfectly without the shades. Moreover you can establish them on the different height from the table surface. This asymmetry will make the cosy interior more dynamic and unrepeatable. It would be perfect if you could change the length of the pendant kitchen light wire. Some of the lighting fixtures has the spa il mechanisms for it so it makes the process even easier. Then you can change the intensity of the lighting which is gonna surely will change he atmosphere of the whole kitchen table zone.

  • The swivels kitchen table lighting fixtures.

This is a really smart choice. Yes, it’s looks a bit extravagantly and out of the ordinary, but it worth it because talking about functionality this kind of lighting is a real king among all the other types. Just think about it – they are flexible as much as none of the other types. You don’t need the special mechanism or use any second of your life for fixing it on the height you want you just raise your hand and catch the lighting fixture as a star.

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