Kitchen-studio: How to optimize the space

Unfortunately, not every planning involves plenty of space for arrangement of separate kitchen, living room, bedroom, corridor, children’s room and many other rooms. Modern designers are dealing with these. Thus projects of lounge-bedroom rooms, bedrooms-children`s rooms and, of course, kitchens-studios were born.

Combined living room with kitchen has become a natural process which is a consequence of the limited in Combined living room with kitchen has become a natural process, which is a consequence of the limited in area of space area. After that such a room was no longer a sign of cramped conditions and became an original part of redevelopment of designs of kitchens. Additional space and bigger amount of light is the main advantage of the resulting of this redevelopment. Also the possibility to fit more guests at once can be attributed the advantages of kitchens-studios. This factor is very important for those who are used to noisy parties and lavish celebrations. The possibility of using of the one TV is another advantage of this planning.

Nevertheless there are also disadvantages kitchens-studios:

  • odors from cooking;
  • fat and food particles which may fall outside the operating area;
  • unsight look of dirty dishes, uncooked foods and food wastes.

All these disadvantages can be eliminated. Timely cleaned kitchen area saves guests from having to contemplate the unpleasant consequences of cooking. The use of hood will remove most of the odors and avoid soiling of furniture and surfaces those are coated with decorative materials. The above-mentioned disadvantages of such kitchens can be less significant by using of the partitions as a method of zoning while designing kitchens with such layout. Variety of materials and constructions are offered by designers and manufacturers to isolate the kitchen area while maintaining the desired volume and spaciousness of the room.

The partitions may be of various types. Partitions with rollet design looks very effective. If it is necessary they can be simply deployed from top to bottom to close the passage in the kitchen area. This can be done both manually and by an electric actuator. Materials for such baffles may also vary. Knee glass, thin plastic and even fabric can be used for their manufacture in order to maintain transparency. In order to make isolation of the kitchens more robust you can use wood and even the metal. The main thing is that the construction must allow full release of the transition between the zones combining them into one large space.

The use of lighting fixtures for zoning has long been taken into service even by the most inexperienced designers. This method involves the separation one section of the room with light, while obscuring the other one. Alternatively you can use the lights those emit lightning of different colors. So bright white light, which is given by the fluorescent lamps is more appropriate for the area in the kitchen. Romantic mood will be presented by the extra small lamps which give diffused light. They can be used for meetings with friends or for quiet family activities. In any case you should also pick an appropriate decorating idea for kitchens studios because in such way the room will get the finished look.

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