Kitchen pendant lighting, 6 ideas

38 steps to the “bright times” – let’s choose the most original pendant lighting.

We can definitely say that the “dark times” when we could choose just between the main lighting and the lighting from the fire place already passed and we are really lucky to live in the time when we have more variants of lighting fixtures than we can even imagine. The modern kitchen is definitely the kingdom of lighting and that’s fair because this is the place where you can’t have an extra light. Even the decorative lighting such as LEDs which are embed inside of the kitchen cabinet can really help when you will be trying to find some plate there during the night to have a midnight snack. 


It’s a really good idea to start planning the lighting map and to start selecting the kitchen pendant lighting fixtures while you just start your housing repairs to have the opportunity to make the covered wiring linking to the whole light sources which can finally be more then ten pieces.

Which pendant lighting you are gonna need on your kitchen?

So for sure you need to choose the lighting fixtures for the main, local and the decorative kitchen lighting. And it would be perfect if you would project a special lighting map for each of them.

The pendant lighting fixtures for the main lighting.

The main lighting’s General idea is to replace the daily light in the evening and the night time. It should be perfectly smooth, distributed and diffused, but at the same time should keep the brightness. But in the modern kitchens the main lighting sources don’t have such a big meaning anymore, and thanks to innovations it’s used more like an extra lighting source. Moreover, I’m the small areas this kind of lighting fixtures is almost totally gone, because people start to prefer the small local lighting fixtures such as track lighting embed into the kitchen cabinets of its bottoms    and etc. And the reason is really honest because the main lighting chandelier established in the middle of the ceiling can light just the spot in the middle of the room and all the rest will stay in the darkness. While the LEDs or track lighting fixtures smoothly light all around with the same intensity and if you have the brightness regulator then it’s just perfect and you can some kind of “switch” the atmosphere and turn on the one you need.

If you are not ready to say “bye” to your main pendant lighting fixture, then you should choose the one that has a dull glass lighting diffuser or the one that put the lighting to the top to avoid the strict shading. Moreover it would be smart to place the pendant lighting fixture not just in the middle of the room, but exactly over the kitchen table. Also, as a variant, you can place few pendant lighting fixtures whose quantity is determined by the configuration and the size of the kitchen.

The pendant lighting fixtures for the cooking zone backlighting.

The cooking zone backlighting has a really huge meaning in the full kitchen organization, because first of all it’s supposed to help for the convenient food cooking and making the most unbelievable cooking experiments come true and only then it’s the place for your family or friends meeting for the cup of tea. So the main thing the kitchen pendant lighting should do is to provide you with the  smooth and proportional lighting that should be directed on the floor making the really powerful light stream that is gonna perfectly light the surfaces of the table top, the sink and the cooker. Besides there are not that many variants of kitchen cooking zone organization and to have the temporary module lighting you can use even the track light pins that are easily getting fixed on the ends of the kitchen shelfs.


The pendant lighting fixtures for the dining zone.

It’s better if you place the dining table next to the window so it has maximum light on it during the daytime. The autonomous lighting fixtures are gonna become the perfect lighting source in the evenings or even the night time if it’s gonna be placed above the kitchen table and you can use many if the table is really long. Also as an idea you can place them on the different height from the table surface, but don’t forget that that main lighting source should not be placed higher then the 1,2-1,4 meters from the table surface and the local one height should be no more then 50-60 cm from it. Remember that the higher the lighting fixtures are the more solemn the atmosphere of your kitchen is and the lower it is the more it’s cosy and even intimate.

To have the opportunity to change the lighting scenario of the dining zone you should choose the pendant lighting fixtures that have the possibility to regulate the height of its placement and the power of its brightness. If the kitchen table is placed next to the wall that you can make the smooth no comfortable lighting using the dull lamps and the pendant lighting fixtures that have the cloth or the dull diffuser.

One more variant of the kitchen table lighting is establishing the pendant lighting placed all around the perimeter of the ceiling or fixed into the cornice. Actually its way better to use the lighting fixtures that has the middle power with the white or dull vials and close to the natural lighting range which doesn’t distort the color of the food. Also you can pay your attention on the pendant lighting fixtures for the kitchen table that has the really colorful plafonds and unusual form that gonna truly amaze your guests and make the atmosphere of the summer happiness. Whatever the variant you use, the main thing is that the table surface should be totally covered by the lighting.


6 kitchen pendant lighting ideas.

Nowadays we have a rally huge choice of the pendant lighting fixtures: different forms and colors which sometimes can make the choosing the right one is a really difficult thing. Based on this conclusion we should admit that sometimes it’s necessary to use the help of the designers so the we don’t just buy that pendant lighting fixture, but make it the best choice.

  • High-tech / modern style. Nowadays high-tech is almost a synonym is the modern style which means that the main idea of this style is the maximum following of the functionality and the workability. The modern high-tech lighting is the well-done mix of the moral and the technic parts without any pretentiousness. And the lack of extra decoration or the details help to solve the main problem – the room lighting. of course most of us know how beautiful the pendant high-tech lighting fixtures are and it’s just the perfect illustration of the pithiness and the minimalism. Most of the variants are made from the metal, glass or polymer clay that helps it to look maximum futuristic.
  • Ethnic style. The pendant lighting fixtures made in this style are usually submitted to the traditional or ethnic conception which fits the concrete territory or the nationality. Usually it’s effected on the color of the walls, in the furniture style, the decorations and surely the lighting fixtures. Most of the times the ethic looking lighting fixtures are made looking like the torches made in an African stylistic, the Morrocan lighting fixtures, the paper made Japanese styled lamps or even the lighting fixtures made looking like some ancient lamps that are usually made from the crystals, glass the cloth or even leather or clay.
  • Modern style. The truly modern style can be described with the smooth lining and the soft shapes. All the lighting fixtures variants are made based on the natural colors that are a bit muted and have the elements of the thread and patterns. So finally we can see the elegance and harmony. And the orange color in this type of pending lighting fixtures is gonna make the interior looking cosy and make the unrepeatable aura.
  • Art-deco. This style truly mixes the incompatible materials and asceticism. The pendant lighting fixtures made in this technic are the real embodiment of the bronze and chrome, stained glass with the frosted glass, the textile smartly inscribed into an expensive wood chic. The pendant lighting fixtures made in art-deco style is the perfect kitchen interior idea which surely gonna fit the kitchen made in a monochrome shades or definitely proportional to the color elements. The main idea is to choose the pendant lighting fixture which is gonna look really bright and chic, which would be truly original and unforgettable.
  • Retro / vintage / pop-art. If you have the kitchen made in one of this styles than of course you are the person who liked the bright and juicy colors that can be even not compatible to the designing elements. The main criteria is the riot of colors and the colors splendor, this is the main meaning of pop-art style. Most of the times the vintage lighting fixtures have the really difficult construction like the ornate volumetric elements, but as a counterweight we can take the maximally easy made geometrical forms of the retro style lighting fixtures. Most of the people think that these styles are truly solemnly, but it’s a delusion.
  • Hand-made pendant lighting fixtures ideas.Nowadays, most of the designers have the same idea that the lighting fixtures are the more interesting the more unusual you make it by yourself. And moreover those are really expensive and it’s not just the usual lighting fixture, but the whole imagination process expressed in the lighting source. So as the designers can make it, why not you? It’s gonna not just make your interior look so special, but also to save so much money which is also necessary when you do the whole repairing at the same time. So stay passionate and use all your imagination to make the most interesting pendant lighting fixture!
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