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So what should we know about the kitchen lighting? The first mission we have in organizing the lighting placement is the prediction of the most popular mistakes because the well-organized lighting has a way bigger meaning than you think.

So the first question we are facing is how to choose the right type of the kitchen lighting and to save as much electricity as we can. All of this you can find this article.

Well, the first thing you should know is that the main secret of the good kitchen lighting is the multilevel. And that is right, because we need the light in every main zone we are working in and it doesn’t matter if we are cutting the vegetables, eating or washing the dishes, anyway we need a good source of lighting. Moreover, as the scientists found out – we spend at least 40% of our time in the kitchen, so you know what it means.

We can separate the kitchen lighting to the 3 main groups:

  • The main kitchen lighting.
  • The lighting of the main working zone.
  • And the decorative lighting, which is truly important for the kitchens with the opened planning.


First of all the lighting in the kitchen should be really multifunctional. That means that it should be really bright when it’s needed and almost intimate when you want to make this kind of atmosphere, because these kind of things make our life comfortable and brings joy and this is exactly what we are always looking for in our daily life. So here we come to the fact that conclusion that the kitchen lighting is such an important thing.

The main secrets of the kitchen lighting.

First of all let’s talk about the main cooking zone. Here we need to use the most intensive lighting with the neutral spectrum of lamps so it doesn’t change the color of the cooked meal. But we are changing the roll for the dining zone because we need the meal to look fresh and delicious. For the big event or celebration we better choose the really bright and intensive lighting, but for the traditional family dinner or some date we should choose the warm and soft lighting.

Kitchen lighting ideas.

Talking generally for the kitchen we should use the lamps which generate the warm or neutral-white lighting. And we should not use the luminescent lighting because it changes the color rendering and make lightly blue shade, which makes everything around looking lifelessly, spoil the real food color and makes you feel insecure.

If the ceilings are really not tall then it’s better not to put so many lighting constructions on the failing and to use some lighting ideas like the small lamps placed in a line or tire systems, which help to correct the lighting zone by changing the corner of the rolling system.

Kitchen is a really multifunctional place so if you want to make the process of cooking really comfortable then you you need to take care about the cooking zone where you make all your cooking magic. Yes, now we are talking about the cooker zone and a tabletop, where you cut, mix and do the rest that is included into a cooking process. So here it will help a lot if the bottoms of the kitchen cabinets gonna have the lights which are gonna give some straight lighting just exactly where you need this lighting to be. But if the constructors didn’t really think about this option, you can always buy the pin-lamps which you can fix and use in any way you want. This type of lamps is a really amazing and the most partitive way of organizing the lighting on your kitchen and you are really free to do what you want with this.

The experience shows that for the lighting of the cooker it’s really enough to have some light just on the bottom of the extractor hood.

Kitchen lighting design.

A really good advise is separating the connection of the top and down systems of lighting in the kitchen. You will see soon how comfortable it is and how much electricity you safe by choosing what kind of kitchen light you need to use right now and using only this instead of connecting a whole kitchen light system.

For the dining zone you need to use way warmer and softer light then for the cooking zone, because this is the place you really want to relax in and feel yourself safe and free or even make an atmosphere of intimacy. So shortly the lighting here is a really powerful tool to make the whole mood for having some amazing meal, it somehow can make anything feel better. The lighting here really depends of the place the main table is standing in. For example, if the table is standing near the wall, then you can light it with few bras which are gonna be for 1-2 meters more up then the table and also it’s gonna be really useful if those bras are gonna have the long brackets so you can really put it the way you want.

If the table is standing just in the middle of the kitchen, for example, or somewhere else, but not really close to the other surfaces then you can put the kitchen lighting just above it using, for example, one big lamp. It’s gonna be better if you would have an opportunity to fix the length of the lamp’s pendant, so then if you put it really down its gonna be a good atmosphere for the friends or family dinner and if you put it higher you can use it for some big celebration or some kind of party.

But whatever you choose, remember, that the lighting shade should lay down on the table covering the whole surface of it, so the guests are not sitting in the shade of darkness.

A really good advise is that if you don’t want your guests to leave blind, you should choose that kind of lamps which are made from the dull glass so then the lighting will be soft and really smooth.

For the big table lighting it’s gonna be better to use a group of small lamps which can go in a line or be in any order and position you want. Also if you want to diversify your kitchen lighting design you can order a construction made of the gypsum plasterboard in which you already can put the lighting. And it’s not gonna be just an interesting solution for your kitchen design, but also can separate the dining zones which is quite useful.