Kitchen islands with seating – best solutions for cozy home

Kitchen island is the heart of any kitchen. Depending on its purpose it might be either fully equipped for cooking with all the possible tools at hand or it might as well serve as a comfy table for family dinners or other gatherings. But even with the seating it doesn’t lose its functionality, yet it makes the kitchen look really stunning.

Even if your kitchen is not big enough you might still be able to add some chairs around your kitchen island, and have some tea with friends.

Do you want to place just two chairs for you and your beloved one? Or do you want to sit up to eight people? Whatever your desire is, a kitchen island will highlight your kitchen design and help you every day as you can always put the chairs away.

So what are the ways of arranging a kitchen island with seating? Let’s look at these six stylish ideas.

Oak with Granite

Do you want your kitchen to have a warm feel about it? Well, don’t hesitate to use these two materials in the design. Let all of your kitchen furniture be made of oak with granite countertops. You can also choose a kitchen island with an unusual asymmetric shape with regular wooden chairs. And let the fridge and oven have metallic color. In this way your kitchen would look extremely welcoming and modern at the same time.

Elegance of minimalism

Modern doesn’t always means that it should have tons of tools lying around everywhere. If you prefer every little thing to have its own place, unseen from curious eyes then this design is for you. You can choose many different variants of the design for the kitchen itself, but if you want to add a kitchen island with seating then you must consider choosing a simple rectangular shape for it. You might as well choose the variant that has the design of both drawer and table. In that case, you’ll be able to hide the chairs for it under the table part and highlight the minimalism design.

Stay with the classics

If minimalism seems a bit dull to you, then you can make it all simple and look appealing at the same time. How? Try to mix completely white interior with wooden floors, as well as leave a few bright parts like flowers or a bowl of fruit. The chairs around the island shouldn’t necessarily be bright. You can choose even canvas for their upholstery. In this way, the design will look as if you actually live there and just keeping everything neat.


It might remind you a lot about minimalism design style but it has more charm to it. The dark accents make white colors even more evident and thus calling it ‘minimalism’ would just be a crime. How to make it charming? Just let the countertop of your kitchen island to be made of dark wood, along with the chairs, and the floor. The rest of the room can stay white or metallic (fridge, microwave etc.). It would also be a good idea to choose a kitchen island with a sink and additional table extension. You can make the whole design look even more interesting by just adding some bright plates and cups for serving food.


The main goal of contemporary design is for everything to be user-friendly and always at hand. In general it also reminds of minimalist style and monochrome style, but unlike those it has no limitations about colors or shapes. In this interior the best variant of the kitchen island is the one that has all the possible functions and options, like sink, drawer, table, mini fridge, dish washer and so on. Just remember that all of those functions should be invisible to the naked eye.

Cottage style

As cottages are mostly used for having fun and relaxing on your vacation it shouldn’t necessarily look majestic and grand. Rather you should feel like you’re back in your childhood years and just came to your Granny’s house in the country. For that use soft pastel colors. Perhaps some blue or green color can be used, too, but they shouldn’t be bright. The main thing – just keep the island in the same color as the other drawers and furniture. You can add some exquisite features like suspended tabletop, and some green flowers. Or, your kitchen island can be in the shape of the letter L, and you can add a part of the round table to make the room look as much nostalgic as it is modern.

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