Kitchen island lighting: 15 foto

How do you think what is the most important place in your house? What can you call its center? The living room? Or may be its the bedroom? But actually most of all the members of the family meet in the kitchen. You are talking about the news of the day life, drink some tea or just simply spend some time together. So finally kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking the dishes, but also a heart of the whole house so we need to really lots of attention on its organizing and especially on placing the kitchen island and fixing the lighting there to make the atmosphere really special.

Kitchen island lighting.

For kitchen island lighting you can use the lighting fixtures,bras or the pendant lighting. The light from the lamp should fully cover the surface of the kitchen island, so the light is smooth, but not mixed with the shade and too much bright lighting

6 popular kitchen island lighting ideas.

  • The first and the most popular solution is a big suspended lamp with a beautiful lampshade or plafond on it putted just above of the kitchen island center. It’s perfect if you can fix the length of a pendant lighting. And you should remember that the perfect length between the lamp and the surface of the table is a 1,5 m. The small secret is that if you put the lamp a bit higher then the dining zone will be lighted more bright and solemnly. And if you put it down, then it’s gonna be more comfortable and even romantic. Also you should not forget that the light should not blind the guests. To prevent this you better use the kitchen island lighting fixtures that has the translucent plafonds and made from the dull glass. The make the light really soft, but keep it bright enough. A small advise is that you really should prefer the glass, plastic or wooden plafond to the one made from the cloth. The thing is that we all live in the cities and it doesn’t matter how often you clean your house because the cloth plafond will get dirty faster.
  • Pendant lights for kitchen island are the really good choice for those who prefers few small cute lamps to a huge one. Most of the times it’s really enough to have just 2 or 3 small pendant lights for a normal size kitchen island. You can put them in a group or put across the whole kitchen island. The shape of your kitchen island is also such an important thing in shooting the type of your kitchen island lighting because the one big pendant light above the center of the table will fit really good for a round or a scared table. But if you decided to choose the oval or the rectangle form or maybe even a bar then you should buy few pendant lights which are gonna evenly light the whole surface of the table.
  • If the kitchen island is placed just next to the wall, then you can make a local lighting by putting the bras or the spots, which lighting is faced down towards the kitchen island. But anyway this choice isn’t the best one comparing the previous two. First of all, the one big or few small pendant lights will put the light much more evenly, while the wall lighting will keep a part of a table in a shadow. Moreover the bra won’t really fit any kind of the interior and it dissipate the light more so there is a chance that this lighting won’t be enough.
  • The tire system of kitchen island lighting can be a really good solution as for lighting in general and for the interior organizing as well.
  • The construction made of gypsum plasterboard also is a really amazing solution for the big kitchen island. The main idea is that you embed the lighting inside which make the construction looking as a really special part of the interior. And moreover it generally separates the zones of the kitchen.
  • Don’t forget about the decorating because here you have a really big choice as we are talking about the LED-light. Honestly, it has been the most trendy solution for the kitchen decorating in the last few years. And this is obvious because decorating concerning your own personal wished has never been easier! Look, all you need to do is to put the LED-tap on the plinth or under the tabletop and you gonna have a really economical night lighting which for sure is gonna make a special atmosphere in your kitchen. It almost looks like the kitchen island is flying – real magic. A real advise you can take is to make a dull glass front tabletop and to make the light shine over and around it – it’s gonna look really amazing.

What we always need to remember is that the kitchen is the place with such a big quantity of different types of fat in the air and the really high humidity. Which means that the chosen kitchen island light should be made from the materials which are really easy to clean after, such as glass and plastic.

If your kitchen island is made in a high-tech style then you should check the lighting with the LEDs. This is the last word in the lighting technique and moreover they save so much electricity, they will last really long, they are safe and don’t get hot during the work.

4 types of kitchen island lighting  styles.

We talked about the technical part, but let’s don’t forget about the decorative meaning because most of the times we choose the lighting which gonna fit the mIn interior, and can definitely prefer this to some better technical option. So here is the favorite part – choosing the kitchen island lighting concerning the main style of the kitchen lighting furniture.

  • For the modern style of the kitchen island we can choose the modern style of the lighting as well. Yes, it sounds pretty obvious, but let’s see closer what it means. First of all that concerns the material – it should be super modern and brand new. And the second thing is the form. Nowadays we have such a big choice of the them and so many designers from all over the world are more the welcomed to show their master pieces. But don’t be scared of the price, because some of them have the really economy prize, even being a masterpiece. Why? Because living in the middle of the social media we’ve got so many places to improve yourself and do what you really want that so many people started their own kind of local business to do what they want in their lifes. As you don’t need to pay the rent and just show what you’ve got. Also a really good choice is a squared or ovaled or any other form of the lighting. The main point is to choose the most futuristic and stylish one.
  • For the classical style of the kitchen it’s better to put the traditional chandelier made from the transparent or the colorful glass. Also usually the designers choose the once made from the cloth because they look really traditional and remind you about the good old granny place where you spent you childhood and have the best memories in, but we already told that this choice isn’t really the best one from the point of the kitchen purity.
  • It’s gonna look really amazing if for the kitchen island lighting in the country, province or the old Italian style you will choose the wrought iron chandelier with the small fake candles on it. It’s gonna look really chic. Also you can use an idea of making the surface looking more old which is gonna remind silver or bronze.
  • For the ethnic design (Japanese for example), you should shoes the same style of the lighting. It can be the a wooden shade made with the rice paper, some color glassed models or the Moroccan style lighting.

Advice! You will never loose if you will choose to use eclecticism or the fusion style which means the mix of the things from the different styles. For example you can use the traditional crystal chandelier in the high-tech kitchen island style and the minimal style as well and it’s gonna look super stylish.

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