Kitchen in french: Love France? make it yourself in the kitchen

French country has its own special charm. Peasant quality and solidity that is combined with true French chic and elegance are there. Country kitchen are cozy and domestic. They are ideal for those who love to come up with family traditions, to gather around a big table and to share with all what was occurred during the day. The kitchen in country style is pleasant to relax and communicate with friends. Everyone wants to prepare a delicious meal here. In the French version country style has a second name and it is the style of Provence. It is very eco-friendly, has a lot of natural materials: wood, stone, metal and ceramics, simple and very practical accessories and cute knick-knacks in a rustic style.

The style of Provence is a great way to create a Mediterranean atmosphere in the kitchen at home. Cozy and warm as if warmed you by the hot sun, rich tart scent of the sea, herbs, meadows and vineyards. Provencal style is the epitome of comfort and family traditions. It is will be liked for those who concise modern kitchens too cold and excluded. The cozy interior of the kitchen that was once invented by French farmers is very relevant today. First of all it is so thanks to the fashion for all natural.

Provence in the interior of the kitchen is a natural wood and natural stone, dull glint of metal and warm terracotta’s roughness. The style of Provence must be emphasizes by the expressive textures. For example, decorate the walls with the decorative brickwork, natural stone or a good imitation of it. Multicolored mosaic, brick, covered with colored glaze, ceramic tile, kitchen with decorative painting will fit well in this interior.

Also the style of Provence in the interior is pure natural colors and muted shades diluted with juicy color accents. White, beige, sand, light brown or gray is an excellent background for bright multicolor, which is inherent to the nature of the French Provence. Furnishing of the walls in this style is distinguished by the deliberately of rough textures. Textured plaster or wallpapers are relevant here. The floor is made of ceramic tiles wooden tile or of porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone or wooden planks. Massive dark wood beams on the ceiling or imitation is the highlight of the interior of this style.

Kitchen furniture in the style of Provence is made of wood – oak, cherry, ash and walnut. Facades from light or dark wood are often artificially aged as if they are faded under the bright summer sun. This effect can be achieved by the technique of craquelure. Sometimes the doors of kitchen cabinets are painted by floral patterns or colored in blue, green and brown. Therefore better to purchase such custom Kitchens.

It is better to use built-in appliances, which are hidden behind the touching wooden fronts in this kitchen. Cabinets and cupboards are sturdy and solid, deliberately rude and very roomy here. Provence kitchen countertops are made of marble, granite, wood or ceramic tile. Large wooden dining table and chairs with wicker backs will perfectly fit there. The style of Provence does not require perfection in finishing. Worn and cracked surface, revealing small defects only emphasize the man-made kitchen interior and add charm to it. Forged shelves and fittings, rails made of copper or brass, terracotta vessels and copper utensils are ideal accessories for such a kitchen. They are simple and very practical. There is no need to hide dishes and cooking utensils in closets. Pots and pans are usually hanging on the sight and of t are the kitchen`s decorations.

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