Kitchen ideas for small kitchens – transformation without cardinal repair

There is no need to do a repair to change the appearance of the kitchen – you can use some methods that can help with transforming the room into visually different place.

The furniture transformation

What to do if the interior don’t make you happy anymore? There are many tricks that may be easily used by everyone in restoration of old furniture. The main functional decoration of this room is the kitchen set. To renew its surfaces can be used several techniques:

  1. You can give a new colour that is the same for all kitchen furniture headset, chairs, tables, or use different colour combination – it all depends on your imagination, tastes, and capabilities.
    For this purpose most of all can be used acrylic washable paint – it is very durable, resistant to external influences and has a diversity of colour variations with the possibility of mixing different shades of colouring. The most popular among professional designers today are such colours as chocolate, salad, orange and various shades of red.
  2. The pasting of the surface. Instead of painting you can produce a finishing of the kitchen facade with different materials. For example, a natural veneer or type fine-line. It is simple enough to fix, using the recommended type of glue.
  3. But this finishing requires smooth surfaces and some skills of the person who first has a deal with the question of the kitchen furniture restoration – you should pay attention to other means like adhesive foil. Today there are many colour and pattern variations of foil-self-adhesive that will let you easily pick a mean that is appropriate to your tastes and moods.

There are different kitchen ideas for small kitchens that can transform the place easily, one of them is the replacing of the furniture fitting. This can be applied especially to the handles of the cabinets and drawers. There is a huge variety of finished products, but you can apply your own pieces of craft, if you have carpentry skills.

While upgrading the appearance of the kitchen furniture don’t forget about the glass elements, inserts in cabinet doors. Ordinary glass can be replaced with a mirror that will allow you visually to expand the space of small kitchen. Or use frosted, fluted, coloured, stained glass, decorated with sandblasting ornaments and patterns. This is able to give high decorative properties to the ordinary room along with cabinets’ interior equipment with decorative and functional lighting.

Decorating variants for apron panel

Kitchen apron is the area between the working surface, countertop of kitchen cabinets and hanging lockers. Traditionally this zone is finished with ceramic tiles. If it has not so colourful, you may add some decoration elements and use some techniques:

  • to paint or decorate by the various techniques of painting through special paints designed for ceramic with matte or glossy surface;
  • to apply the decoration elements of coloured beads or decorative pebbles that stick to the tile surface with special glue;
  • to use decoupage technology – the application of finished ornaments and patterns, which then are covered with a protective layer of lacquer;
  • to apply the craquelure technique to give to the apron panel an antique look or decorate it with «cobweb» patterns;

The first three ways of decoration are quite universal, they are suitable for a city apartment as well as a country home. The patterns and designs should be selected corresponding to the room, for example, in the city kitchen will be more appropriate abstract decor or craquelure, but in a country house the vivid patterns will look better – flowers, sunflowers, fruits and vegetables, chickens and others.

The decoration of the walls

There are some kitchen ideas for small kitchens concerning the using of different techniques for walls’ decoration. You can use these of them:

  • various compositions of shelves on which can be placed the pots with houseplants or a vase with artificial flowers, photographs, paintings;
  • collage of photos and paintings and their reproductions that decorate bare kitchen wall;
  • you also can paint the walls using a variety of stencils, vinyl stickers or make your own design.

You can also use countless variations of handmade – art painting of utensils, pots made of ceramic, which will look great in a rustic kitchen, DIY-painting from cereals, coloured sand and many other ideas.

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