Kitchen hood: How to choose a hood for the kitchen

It’s hard to imagine a modern kitchen without hoods. This piece of furniture is required of any hostess who often uses the cooker. Unfortunately many kitchens have never been very large in size, so it is often very difficult just to find a place for the hood. Furthermore it is not always easy to fit this cumbersome design element to the general idea, and you can tangle in a variety of different species and subspecies of it. This article will give a simple classification of kitchen range hoods.

Domed hood

This kind of hood is mounted on the wall directly over the stove. Very often designers those are working with them cannot find the right shape and color of it and that can completely spoil the whole idea. Anyway, the size of all hoods is quite impressive and they always attract the eye. That is why it is important to choose it very carefully. Domed hoods are the most common type, a variety of which will not leave dissatisfied even the most demanding designer. Unofficially, this type can be divided into three subtypes. That is hood for classic kitchens (metallic), for modern kitchens and for country style kitchens (tree).

Conventional, metal hoods may be used in any classic design. This type equally combines well with wood, and with plastic furniture. Shine of metal with proper care will perfectly complement the glossy kitchen. Clean lines and concise form will also serve an excellent resource for a traditional kitchens, the main here thing is to choose the right size of it. Furthermore if the metallic design does not fit to your plans it can be upholstered with the wood adding elegance and richness.

Built-in Hoods

This type of hoods is skillfully hiding in the hinged cupboard, which completely hides the cumbersome piece of furniture and at the same time maintains its functionality. Thus many problems associated with the unfortunate appearance or color scheme and sizes are simply disappearing. The rest of the kitchen cabinets must be chosen choose by adjusting under the hoods` dimensions in order to hide it. And hiding in the closet or special decorative elements special attention should be paid to the compliance with safety regulations.

Hoods for island

Fixing to the ceiling is one of the most original ways to install air purifiers. Installing the hood in a similar way, there is no need to customize its design for the general form of cabinets. You can quietly focus on the classic metallic. The island hoods have unusual properties to emphasize the volume of the room. In addition they do not look so massive, if to compare them with domes ones. So it visually occupies much less space, but actually has a large body of functionality and power. This optical illusion can play havoc with not experienced designers, so it is worth to remember about the real dimensions of it and use the island hoods only in large, bright kitchens.

How to hide the hood

If you stopped the choice on the built-in hood there will not be any problems with it. So what to do with the domed hood? There are several solutions of this problem. If the major repairs of the kitchen is planned the selection of a special kitchen`s furniture will help you. Experimenting with dimensions it will be easy to choose the perfect overhead locker that will hide the hood away from prying eyes. The second and the less expensive option are for those who are not going to make major repairs in the kitchen. In this case many designers advice to use a variety of facing materials which are fully modify the hood, turning it into a modified kitchen cupboard or into the similarity of the chimney.

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