Kitchen floor designs

The kitchen is the place where most often whole family gets together. Floor is an integral part of kitchen design. Choosing the flooring for the kitchen, we proceed first of all from our own sympathies and financial opportunities. Due to the specifics of this room, the kitchen floor needs in the coating, which does not wears, is resistant to fumes, grease, spray and which easy tolerates frequent washing. That is why it is worth to look at the characteristics of different floor coverings in order to choose suitable designs of kitchens floors.

Popularity of tile trim has long ceased to surprise because of its variety of colors and textures. The tile is known for its ability to simulate different materials such as wood, marble and natural stone. Sometimes tile floor designs for kitchens may be confused with travertine. Covering with the glaze is a nice feature of tile trim and its main difference from the ceramic one. This makes it more durable and qualitative. If we talk about lying of tile it is worth to say that using a trowel an adhesive solution is applied on the prepared level floor surface. Then, the desired pattern is laid out or alternating large and small fragments.

Block parquet is a familiar and very interesting variant the finishing of kitchen floors. From the solid wood parquet it differs only in size and it is inexpensive analog of it. Traditionally this flooring is made of beech, maple or oak. Block parquet is recognized by the connoisseurs of the most important characteristics of flooring in kitchens. Its properties are amazing and justify the cost of this material. So these are the main characteristics of it:

  • Durability is the calling card of this material;
  • The minimal sliding;
  • Explicit environmental friendliness and static.

Marmoleum is an environmentally friendly material for flooring, which is also advanced linoleum. Jute, vegetable gums and the cork, as well as admixtures of linseed oil and wood flour are used as raw material for its manufacturing. In addition a huge advantage of Marmoleum is unimaginable number of colors and shades of it those are obtained from natural dyes. Therefore, designers are using it in the most challenging decisions. This material has antimicrobial properties due to its natural components. A huge variety of colors allows you to compose different colors. For example, bright yellow stripes on a dark graphite plates look very effectively.

Kitchen floor designs

Now we will talk about the laminate. Because of its durability, laminate used in areas with high passableness. Due to its excellent performance this modern flooring earned respect among consumers, architects and designers. The material can simulate the parquet, tiles and cork flooring. Therefore nowadays it remains the most popular one in the design of the floors. Laminate flooring can be very similar to the parquet one because it has a typical pattern. Laminate is ecologically safe, durable and resistant to corrosive environments. Speaking about the laying of laminate, it should be noted that the thicker it is the easier it will assembled. There are rallying and adhesive methods for attachment of the plates.

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