Kitchen designs with white cabinets

One of the most common color options from all variety of palettes for a design of kitchen space is a white color and its shades. In the white tones perform decoration and furniture, white color uses for the manufacture of accessories and decor items. And the reason is not only that light colors expand the space visually increase the kitchen area. With snow-white color decoration combines perfectly any color cabinet systems, a palette of household appliances, textiles and kitchen stuff. But despite this, white kitchen it is quite a courageous choice. Those who in life tends to clean some lightness, irreproachable, probably prefer the classic white kitchen design that at first glance may seem rather boring and dull.

A kitchen is a place where there are lots of reasons for the contamination, so white kitchen cabinets and panels are easy to get dirty, and sometimes can be very difficult to maintain perfect cleanliness. Kitchen designs with white cabinets make a good impression And such an interior looks really good in combine with contrasting colors, such as black or wenge.

Snow-white decoration of kitchen surfaces

Bright colors for the decoration of the walls and ceiling of the kitchen creates a clean, fresh, spacious atmosphere for a comfortable presence in the room. That is why many homeowners and designers prefer white and its shades for cladding or painting the kitchen walls. But in order to avoid the impression of snow-white, completely sterile room, causing the association with the medical chamber or operating, it is important to arrange some color and textural accents. For contrast with the white color, you can use dark tones or bright shades; even a few dashes of different colors will help to transform the light design of the room. There are wonderful kitchen ideas with white cabinets which can be placed in the middle or alongside the walls.

Snow-white walls and ceiling decoration definitely needs some color retreat. If the kitchen cabinets are white or also made in light colors, then you can use lighting systems, floor coverings, stone or wood countertops and work surfaces, as well as accessories and decoration to bring a variety to the interior. Making the ceiling in the form of white-painted wooden panels you will bring in the interior of the modern kitchen a note of relaxed suburban life, remind about a countryside environment with its inherent domestic coziness and comfort.

White tiles “Metro” has already become a traditional design option for kitchen apron. This is a beautiful, elegant and simple in terms of care way to decorate the surface near the work zone which is continuously exposed to moisture and contamination. Depending on the selected shade, design and pattern, such a decision might add a certain vivid, playful variety in kitchen colors with white cabinets.

Some designers offer in addition to design walls and ceiling in a white tone, use a bright palette for floor coverings. Perfectly smooth, glossy flooring will become not only a modern adornment of the interior but also quite a practical option visually expansion of space. The white floor tiles are also a good choice for a bright kitchen interior. Such design looks almost futuristic due to illumination of work surfaces and countertops against the backdrop of expensive and cheap white kitchen cabinets. Light blue plastic apron and the same tone decoration on extraordinary exhaust hood, will be the only distinguishing elements by the color. Also, for floor covering can be used whitewashed wood, but only in a laminated version, otherwise cleaning of floors will become the main reason of household’s dissatisfaction.

Kitchen furniture of all shades of white

Contrary to popular belief, for kitchen embedded white storage systems much easier to look after than the same version of furniture in dark colors. The same can be said about the cabinet furniture and dining group, including tables and chairs if only speech does not go about the soft light-colored upholstery, which definitely will be a burden for the kitchen rather than decoration.

One of the most popular embodiments of built-in kitchen cabinets system is a white, high-gloss surfaces without handles. Such smooth surfaces, easy to clean, they are generally do not reflect the fingerprints and water droplets. Choosing a production of storage systems from ceiling to floor, you do not only use all available space to the maximum but also simplifies the cleaning process. At the top level of cabinets can be located objects which are not used often, and you can use a small stand or ladder to get them if necessary. Such white kitchen cabinets for sale you can find in the furniture stores or make-to-order. And to make a choice look in the directories white kitchen cabinets photos. Not only kitchen cabinets may be white, but also barstools or chairs. If the kitchen combined with a dining area, then dining group can also be made in light colors.

Is very stylish and elegant looks white wood kitchen cabinets or cabinets with a marble surface. Such furniture will be always popular and of course, perfectly fit into the interior of the bright modern kitchen. In addition, the kitchen apron can be lined with marble or masonry.

Black-and-white contrast for the modern kitchen interior

Classical variant among the most traditional contrasts it is a combination of black and white colors in one interior, by which you can get a cozy, comfortable and at the same time non-trivial atmosphere in the kitchen. For example, white beadboard kitchen cabinets with black countertops. Another variant is black enclosure system with a refrigerator of the same tone, contrasted with crisp white shelves for dishes and bright palette of marble for the countertops. The snow-white ceiling “looks” at an incredibly dark tile on the floor.

So, it is a lot of interior design options. If you decide to purchase the white kitchen cabinets design the entire room can be found on the Internet or some photo-directories.

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