kitchen designs ideas, what interior design to choose

Kitchen is a place in the house where a person spends much of his lifetime, so you should pay due attention to the style of its execution. The kitchen should be functional and comfortable, cozy and practical. Today, there are many interior designs of kitchens. So let us look at the most popular ones.

Classic kitchens never go out of fashion. And because of their restrictiveness and unobtrusiveness they are amenable to long-term use. Such kitchens are functional and safe. Furniture in this style is made of natural wood of hard and soft rock. As for the colors of furniture for traditional kitchens, they can be light (usually beige shades) or in brown tones (walnut, cherry), there are possible variants in black colors. Furniture upholstery is monochrome or with understated pattern.

Country style kitchens are also quit popular nowadays. This style is similar to the classic one in the fact that there are also used natural materials and colors. Wicker furniture will be also suitable there. The appliances are maximal masked under the overall color scheme. It must not allocate in the interior. It is better to choose the furniture with aging effect for this style. Handles and hinges mostly are made of yellow metal. Linen curtains, patchwork rugs, pottery and a variety of wooden utensils are widely used in these kitchens designs. The only big minus of such kitchen is its massiveness.

In contrast to the classic and country style the high-tech one uses lots of glass and metal. Modern appliances are the main attribute of the kitchen in high-tech style. This style is not intrusive because of its clear straight lines and ideal proportions. But due to the “race” for the latest technologies high-tech style is strongly influenced by fashion, and therefore requires considerable financial costs. Kitchen in high-tech style has its own color limitations. So there must be one dominated color and one contrasting it. For example gray, black, steel and red, yellow, green, blue.

At the moment, Provence style is becoming increasingly popular in the design of the kitchen. This style creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth more than any other one. This kitchen is distinguished by its pleasant colors. Elegant, light furniture and floors, an abundance of plants, weightless curtains, floral patterns, sewing and porcelain décor are also present there. Tables, chairs, cabinets are made of wood, with the addition of glass and metal.

In the fact Art Deco can be called the most expensive design of kitchens. Expensive materials, such as semi-precious stones, marble, ivory, sharkskin, crocodile, etc. are used for furniture. Kitchen interior in the style of Art Deco is usually rich with patterns, shapes and construction details from precious metals and artificial stone as decorative pieces. Things those are made of these materials are very durable. The color scheme of such kitchen is very saturated. There used gold, purple, velvet-red, white and blue colors.

kitchen designs ideas

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