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The process of house renovation demands plenty of time and efforts, especially if you have to use your own imagination and various resources (from the Internet, magazines and leaflets) to decide about base form, materials, arrangement and necessary items in the kitchen. But of course, there are people who are brilliant at it. Anyway, there is contemporary kitchen design software especially worked out to help you in planning and creating the kitchen which you have always dreamed about.

The programs have a great variety of options to visualize every detail in the process of kitchen design procedure, including the selection of color schemes and textures. There are a lot of variants for you to choose from according to the range of functional use and difficulty in operating these programs.

So if you don’t want to have your kitchen designed by other specialists, try to use any kitchen design program you like. You will see that the first step to your dream kitchen may have such exciting and time-saving decision.

Why are kitchen design tools useful?

Why are kitchen design tools useful?

They provide with most necessary options to make the plan, which you can present to cabinet workers who will make your kitchen image into a reality. A detailed plan of your future kitchen will help avoid some misunderstandings between you and the kitchen builder.

Modern 3d kitchen design software with its incredible visualization abilities differ from old versions in a lot of ways. The starting point of work with these programs is the selection of the image of your new kitchen that you like most of all. Then you add preferable aspects to create a unique model of the kitchen.

Psychologists recommend making the rearrangements in your flat or house from time to time for keeping you in a good mood. But different tasks connected with the renovation can become really stressful work. For example, how to do better: to match design colors or create contrasts, to place furniture according to your personal style and preferences or follow somebody’s experience, how to guess if the sofa fits and suits your room to create beautiful style and comfortable atmosphere. For creative people, these are fun and simple tasks. But not all of us have this talent. That’s why we so often seek for the experts in design sphere who are rather competent to answer our questions. Another variant is to use contemporary design tools. They can be free or paid, online (browser-working) or downloadable. With the help of them, the process of kitchen creation becomes simple and really amusing. So we are going to observe some of the most popular free design kitchen tools and some trial versions of paid programs too because their functionality is much better than that of free ones.

What is more, there is a lot of free 3d kitchen design software of very good quality mostly because many companies issue beta versions. You can either download them on your computer or use them online. Here is a list of kitchen design programs that may help you in renovating the area.

Cabinet Liquidators Online Design Tool


  • It operates absolutely for free with the help of browser platform online.
  • The program tends special preference to Foxfire and Internet Explorer browsers
  • It allows you to choose first a kitchen form of different geometric shapes,  then enter right height and width dimensions of your desired or real kitchen, and decide what cabinets  and drawers to choose and how to arrange them.
  • Unfortunately, cabinet and item choice in its sample library is not very big.
  • You can save and print your layouts and plans only after being registered and creating your personal account.
  • Printed plans are simplified but clear even to people who don’t have a special technical education.
  • There is an opportunity to create multiple kitchen layouts with appliances and items variants

This kitchen design freeware works very quickly and well and isn’t difficult to use.

Merillat 3D Kitchen Design Planner


  • it is free of charge, browser-based working
  • Seems rather selective, because requires only Internet Explorer and downloading of an ActiveX control)
  • This free kitchen design software online provides its user with 3 operational alternatives, such as an assistant to accompany and lead you about the whole process of kitchen design; the choice of basic template layouts; and the scratch option to master your designing and architectural skills if you are an advanced user.
  • The assistant is clear and intuitive to operate, though not very quick; template designer function is sometimes hard to understand, it has practically the same interface as HGTV which will be described further.
  • You can save and print your layouts and ready plans only after being registered and creating your personal account.

IKEA Kitchen Planner



  • It is pretty well not only for kitchen designing but for any rooms in your house or flat
  • Demands no fees
  • Is compatible with all browsers and platforms
  • Is saved on your personal computer
  • Appeared to work slowly with no immediate response
  • Has a friendly interface, clear to operate on even by kitchen design beginners
  • From the very start of your experiencing with IKEA Kitchen Planner, the program will save and demonstrate all the changes you will make while choosing the best variant.
  • You have an opportunity to place an order for buying the type of kitchen or some accessories you like selecting from its specialized catalog which also contains actual prices.
  • The company will provide you with all the necessary information about its products or give you a qualified help to make your final decision.

HGTV Kitchen Design: Online Designer


  • This kitchen design software is free of charge, browser-based working
  • Is not compatible with Internet Explorer, as well as Foxfire. Doesn’t have any files for downloading.
  • After choosing a basic kitchen form, which can be galley, L-shaped or else, you continue designing by inserting necessary appliances. Also, you have an opportunity to see how these items influence in general on the whole view, for example, how the ceiling lamp throws light and shadows on kitchen furniture.
  • This program is very oriented on manufacturer’s products.
  • It is strongly recommended to create your account first if you want to save and print your kitchen design. There will be some problems with your project in case you decide to register after working in the program.
  • The tool was a bit slow despite high-speed connection.
  • The program will not suite for beginners in kitchen designing because the interface is rather complicated and flaky.
  • This kitchen design tool is available in advanced modifications for a fee. But nevertheless, all paid versions have free trials. So the users will have an opportunity to see how this program works before buying it.

3D Home Design Tool

3D Home Design Tool

  • It is one of the best free 3d kitchen design software. It is paid though there is a good tutorial and trial variant to observe and try this program in work. That’s why both homeowners and professional designers love this program.
  • It has an enormous collection of countertops, materials, cabinets and appliances (over 5000 items and templates). Moreover, you can import your own snaps or use the Internet to find materials or items if you fail to find the exactly right variant here.
  • You will see realistic 3d images with life-like reflections and shades.
  • You don’t pay for downloading this program, but only for subscribing to use it on the Internet.
  • The payment can be long-lasting (for a year) or just for a month.
  • There is an interesting and very helpful opportunity to import the client’s kitchen floor plans into 3d plans for a little fee.
  • With this tool, you can create any sized room – whether it is a kitchenette or a huge gourmet restaurant.

Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk Homestyler

  • It is absolutely free and browser-functioning software.
  • It is appropriate for redecoration, renovation of your existing house or a separate room, but this program is rather weak for more global tasks – for building the entire 3-storeyed house for example.
  • It is capable for fulfilling different tasks connected with renewing your living space. There is a big gallery of templates to any taste and color.
  • You can use Autodesk Homestyler to reach exact dimensions of objects.
  • You can create your dream kitchen or if you still don’t have any ideas of how to do it, look through other users’ photos and then customize them to your vision.
  • This program will be very helpful not only for design amateurs but also for professionals who need to have a program for displaying their ready projects to the clients at the right moment at a very high-quality level.
  • You can select the material, texture, tones, and lights. Then you can mix them to get a unique and stunning look.

HGTV Ultimate Home Design

HGTV Ultimate Home Design

It is a perfect choice for creating three-dimensional pictures for either renovation or building a completely new kitchen. For renovating you just need to download or import the current photo of your kitchen. For the new room, you can choose from a library containing more than 200 sketchings. After this step, use drag-and-drop options and replace everything you want with new items. See if they match each other in color, texture or form. You may select even electronic appliances to equip your dream kitchen and count the expenses beforehand. Then make a virtual walkthrough and a preview of your kitchen. This program has all needed functions to make your dream kitchen.

The program also has valuable tips and information about visual enlarging of the area with the help of certain items, colors, and combinations.

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