Kitchen design in classic style

Fine, symmetrical shapes and elegant accessories are typical for classic kitchens. Restrained colors in the design of the room, wooden furniture with special handles on cupboards and drawers, the use of moldings, fluted pilasters, variety of decorative elements, carved moldings, gilding are the outstanding features of classic design. In areas of small size more restrained and uncluttered interior is used. Classic style differs with peacefulness, calmness and solemnity. It does not have any annoying screaming elements.

Traditional kitchens can be done in monochrome or contrasting palette that avoids the use of bright accents. The color scheme varies over a fairly wide range: from very dark even to the white color. White and black, light and dark brown are the most common options here. Accessories play an important role on kitchen in a classic style. Walls in a classic design, as a rule, are monochrome also there can be dim floral pattern. Stucco, wallpaper for painting, relief plaster are used for the walls. Upholstery of the walls with dear, beautiful cloth also can be one of the options.

Of course parquet is the ideal choice for a luxurious classic style. But parquette in the kitchen is expensive and not practical. Ceramic tile in the guise of a wooden parquette will be an excellent replacement for it. Ceiling usually is painted in white color and decorated with stucco around the perimeter which can be combined with drawings on the walls. Regular geometric shapes are the prerequisite for ceilings interior design kitchens in classical style. Windows and doors in a classic style can be arched or square. The door are smooth and are decorates along the perimeter by the casing relief moldings.

It’s nice to start the day with a cup of coffee in surrounding of the majestic, refined and elegant furniture. Kitchen furniture in classical style is represented by manufacturers in the diverse performances. However all kitchen sets have such common features as elegance, aristocratism and sophistication. Classical kitchen has fine and regular shapes and at the same time it is practical and functional. Relaxed atmosphere, which always reigns in the room in classic style, will dispose to rest and relaxation.

The classical kitchen sets are made of wood and they fascinate with exquisite carvings, rich texture and gloss. Kitchen design in this style is preferred by people those are confident and eager to stability. Every fashion trend stops being relevant with the time while the classic is verified by for centuries and it never goes out of fashion. Preferring the style of “classics” is necessary to refuse of furniture with ultra-modern methods of finishing. The manufacturers often use plastic in the producing of modern kitchens and it is inappropriate in this style. But the use of synthetic materials reduces the cost of furniture. So you must be prepared for height prices choosing the traditional classic style. You can buy built-in appliances that will not stand out from the facades of kitchen sets. You can also use the panel pushes, draperies and niches here.

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