Kitchen design ideas 2015

Modern kitchens design is the most adapted space without disarranging by furniture including the modern kitchen appliances. The main factors those dictate the style and design of the kitchen is the size and shape of the room. Kitchen that is performed in accordance with the fashion trends of kitchen design will necessarily underline your individuality and strengthen the harmony of your home. That is why the following discussion focuses on fashion trends in kitchen design.

Single space kitchen + living room is the first fashion trend. Due to this at the expense of demolition of a number of internal partitions a single, large space is created. It is visually highlighted and has several functional areas. Today, kitchen furniture in appearance increasingly reminds modular furniture for dining and living rooms. The corners and sofas for the kitchen become more comfortable and act as recreation areas and often transformed into a full bed. Transparent windows, cabinets and shelves with doors of frosted or stained glass are also extremely popular.

kitchen design ideas 2015

In addition, often using of such a scheme built-in appliances is on the view only during cooking. At the same time, there is another option when because of the stylish and unique design kitchen and home appliances become the interior decoration. For example, it could be fridges with a mirror housing, external lighting, artistic painting or hood in the form of shimmering crystal ball.

New design kitchens also involve the use of modularly kitchen furniture. It consists of several blocks, which can be combined in various ways with each other. It’s like some kind of constructor that allows you to get rid of bulky furniture and maximize the use of even the restricted space. At the same time well-chosen elements of kitchen furniture visually expand the space, make it more airy and light.

kitchen design ideas 2015

In modern designer kitchens the ergonomic kitchen furniture accessories are actively used. It helps to save precious space and the appearance of furniture becomes more stylish and elegant thanks to such decoration. These are hidden handles working on a “hit-opened” principle, tilt-and-slide mechanisms and structures for kicking back doors.

The use of bright, saturated colors for kitchen furniture and decorative elements is another trend of modern of modern design kitchens. The color palette of modern kitchens includes virtually all colors of the rainbow. It’s kind of compensation for the current tendency of general restraint lines and laconic forms. Bright colors in the interior of the kitchen will help to recharge with energy and optimism for the whole day. Choosing a bright color scheme you should dwell on such color combinations those will not bore you after a week.

There are several ways to make your kitchen bright and attractive. The most crucial is to paint the walls, floors or ceilings in rich vibrant colors. In this case, the bright color will be the main “highlight” of the kitchen. Do not be afraid to go too far with rich color because if you choose a neutral color for the kitchen set it will balance and soften bright walls. You can decorate a boring kitchen wall with colorful wall clock, funny poster or painting.

Quite recently furniture manufacturers have started to offer its customers photo printing facades for kitchens. This became possible because of the new technology allows putting the image on the glass. Thus we get photo facades with any image. These modern technologies provide great opportunities for design imagination. Photo printing on kitchen facades captured for you colorful images of nature, water elements and other components that will add positive energy to your kitchen. Photocopying depicting colorful vegetables and juicy fruits becomes the ideal decoration for the kitchen.

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