Kitchen decorating themes: choosing the style, the colour, and the accessories

How to create both stylish and original kitchen and keep its functionality and aesthetics? What is the way to show your individuality and not to fall down to the trivial abstract decoration? Is it so hard to combine utility and convenience with comfort and emotional warmth? If in your family, the kitchen isn’t an everyday prison for your mom, and if it’s an unofficial home center to spend some of the most pleasant moments with your family members, pets, and guests, then the importance of those questions can hardly be overestimated for you.

There are many kitchen decorating themes, and each of them is interesting and attractive. Kitchen has lost it’s product storage-cooking-and-eating status. Today the heart of the home doesn’t diffuse smells, or smokes thanks to different modern kitchen facilities and keeps the warm and cozy atmosphere. This offers new opportunities for the design. Owners gladly experiment with new cooking receipts, meet their family and friends at the dining table. Before getting into kitchen decoration, determine the kitchen decorating theme.

Keeping all the decors in one style will help you to avoid chaos and disharmony. The chosen theme totally depends on your individual preferences and the entire interior style direction of your home.

  1. Classical-style kitchen décor theme.

If you honor traditions and tend to stability and calm, you should pay attention to the classic-style kitchens.

The undeniable advantage of classics is in using high-quality natural materials, such as wood, metal, stone, and ceramics.

Along with such decors as shaping, stained glass windows, bronze or ceramic fittings this style helps to create an expensive atmosphere.

Despite of the common approach there is a great variety of classic-style kitchens.

The classical model range includes both simple clean designed kitchen sets decorated only with special fronts texture, and expressive Baroque and pseudoclassic patterns with carvings, columns, flourishes, and other decor extravagances. The classic country style has been popular for several dozens of years.

  1. Country-style kitchen décor theme.

This style easily integrates into a cottage, a private house, or city apartment.

The furniture is decorated with rather simple shabby-chic fronts. The decor includes open niches and shelves filled with colorful cans with grains, multicolored cotton blinds, and baskets instead of pullout drawers.

  1. Ultramodern minimalistic and high-tech décor theme.

The pragmatic and up to date people choose the modern high-tech or minimalistic kitchens. In this case, the interior is based on tough functionality, laconicism, and plainness. The theme contains straight lines, clear shapes, adjusted edges, flat surfaces, light color tones, glazed and glass surfaces, lots of chrome and glass, light and air, and some innovative materials, facilities and gadget.

The high-tech style offers just a few decor elements, functionality, and comfort.

  1. Exotic ethno decor theme.

Nowadays the most popular are African-, Japan-, oriental-, British-, Scandinavian-, Mediterranean-, and Provence-style kitchens. This is probably the most difficult kitchen decorating theme as it is not easy to create true authentic style. The exotic furniture along with the appropriate decor accessories are hard to find.

Those are just several variants of the kitchen decorating themes.

The unique decoration details and spicy things can help to accent your individuality.

The necessary refrigerator can also accomplish a decorating function. Designed refrigerators with flower, urban, or animal zebra- or leopard-style prints, can become a real decoration for both classical- and high-tech-style kitchens. Alternatively, you can choose a marine style kitchen decor including sailor suit-covers, hand wheel-shaped wall clock, marine theme ceramic mosaic.

The best way is when the décor is functional. The modern design is so much democratic that even the most unexpected and strange decision can be welcomed. The main touchstone of a great design is harmony union of a man with the space. The choice is up to you.

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