Kitchen decorating ideas

There are plenty of ideas on transformation of your kitchen and most of which do not require capital expenditures. Most people directly rush to the building stores and supermarkets to buy different decorative elements. However it is not necessary because the kitchen can be transformed by your own hands. It is enough to have imagination and basic skills of needlework. Kitchen is the ideal space for decoration where you can use a variety of techniques and methods.

The process of decorating kitchens consists of several elements:

  • Change the color palette and design of walls;
  • Decoration of kitchen apron (made of ceramic tile coverings);
  • Changing the Face of furniture;
  • Decoration of home appliances.

Interior decoration of kitchen is a huge number of variations of decor on different themes. It is only most important to choose what you like. You can start with the correct placement of the most beautiful tea service. What is a kitchen without utensils? This will require open shelves (without doors); if they are absent, you can simply disassemble folding doors from existing ones. Shelves of open type can also be used for storing other kitchen items, the main thing – is a beautiful location, and the obligatory presence of a large number of unusual dishes, boxes for spices, various ornaments, etc.

kitchen decorating ideas

Instead of boring ceramic tiles on the walls, you can use a beautiful mosaic or vinyl stickers. The first option is more complicated because it requires certain skills of working with tiles. Vinyl sticker is a fairly simple way to hide the old flooring and walls and to give them a fresh and modern look. Board of memos is rather useful element of decor for the kitchen, which is not difficult to build at home. It can be placed on the wall and even refrigerator doors. Board of memos does not take up much space, but it is very comfortable and functional complement of kitchen space.

Changing of the overall color palette of kitchen is one of the easiest ways of designing by your own hands, which does not require any knowledge on design. For example many people paint the floor by giving it resemblance to ceramic tiles. If the furniture is quite old but is still in good condition, it can also be repainted. The walls can be self-colored or decorated with different designs and patterns. If you are not very strong in the arts, then it makes sense to use stencils or special vinyl stickers.

Household appliances can also be subjected to a slight restyling to make its appearance better fitted into the new kitchen decor. For example, often the refrigerator door is decorated with a wooden lining and wooden facade. This solution allows you to hide the metal from the interior making it easier and more comfortable. Funny curtains are also one of the easiest decorating ideas for kitchens.

kitchen decorating ideas

Crockery, paintings, vases, bottles, various crafts are essential things for the establishment of your own, unique interior of the kitchen. However main thing here is not to overdo with these trifles. It is necessary to comply with the measure, otherwise you can spoil everything. Wall decor is a separate issue. First, you must determine the initial treatment of the walls: painting, wallpaper, decoration by means of wood, stone or plastic or even exposure of rough masonry. Only then you can start decorating.

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