Kitchen chandelier lighting, 9 chandelier lighting types

The beautiful kitchen chandelier lighting isn’t the most usual, but a really effective way to make you kitchen perfectly lighted. Moreover it can become exactly that special thing that all the readt of the interior is gonna be built around. Because the lighting is the only thing controlling which we can make any effect we want: to visually warm the space of the kitchen or to make it look more cold, to backlight some special parts of the interior to make it more visual for the eye or to hide some parts you don’t want the others see. Yes, it’s all about lighting.

So reading this article you will find out what kind of kitchen chandelier lighting you need to buy and which details to pay your attention on.

Kitchen chandelier lighting styles.

So let’s find out what is the secret of the perfect choice of the kitchen chandelier lighting. First of all we need to understand that a chandelier generally is a special kind of a pendant lighting which contains few separated lamps. So this is the main difference from the rest of the ceiling lighting fixtures.

So first you need to understand which role you want the chandelier do act, what destination it’s gonna have on your kitchen. Or you want to use it as a main source of lighting or toy want it to be more as a decorative element. The first thing you will think about is of course the main style of your interior and depending on the style of the kitchen set or kitchen island you will understand what style you want the kitchen lighting chandeliers to be. So here we need to find out about the main popular chandelier styles:

9 chandelier lighting types.

  • This type of chandelier has its name for the unrepeatable sophistication and elegance. It never stops to be popular because you will never loose by choosing this variant. The shape of its kind always perfectly fits the kitchens made in a classical or a country style. Also you can find so many varieties of it’s type like, for example, the forged classic chandelier or the models with the glass elements, pendant chains and the most popular variant is the chandelier with some kind of fake candles which are surely electrical.
  • This is the really universal kind of chandeliers which can fit good the minimal style kitchens as much as the cosy chalet made in the elegant Nordic style. The ceiling kitchen chandeliers are usually made in the discreet colors, have the simple shapes and the discreet originality.
  • The hanging kitchen lights. Nowadays they are usually made from the public materials such as plastic and glass, but let’s don’t forget that the traditional material for the hanging lighting is still the crystals. This chic chandelier is surely relevant in the modern, chalet, province, chalet, shabby chic and classical style kitchens.
  • High-tech / techno. Most of the times this king of lighting fixtures are overhead then the padding. Most of the times they are made in the cold futuristic shades and the have the straight  graphic lines. Also lets say that you will recognize them the material because usually it’s metal, plastic of glass.
  • Here we start the the list of the unusual lighting fixtures and the floristic lighting chandelier I’d the first one in a line. Generally, this is the pretty elegant and beautiful construction decorated with the flowers, leafs and the branches. But don’t get scared by thinking that it’s made from the real natural materials and you will have to change it every time the flowers wither. It can be also done from the metal, wood or the be done with the elements of the glass and plastic. This kind of chandelier will perfectly fit the kitchens made in a country, province, classic or shabby chic.
  • These luxurious chandeliers are usually made from glass and decorated with the stained glass painting or mosaic (the pieces of the colored glass). The “Tiffany” lighting chandeliers will be perfect for the classical, country or “Tiffany” styles of the kitchen.
  • Thins kind of kitchen lighting chandeliers usually imitates the street lights which means that it specially made looking in a coarse way or sometimes it can have the vintage motives. This kind of chandeliers is gonna be the best choice for the kitchens made in a Nordic or loft styles or also can fit the country or shabby chic kitchens.
  • This kind of chandeliers never has any colorful or bright elements decor, but most of the times the shapes of it are pretty geometrical and straight. For sure it’s also gonna fit the loft and high-tech kitchens.
  • Eco-style. This is usually a really easy-shaped chandelier made from the natural materials like wood, paper and the cloth and they look really interesting if they have a wicker texture. To decorate this kind of chandelier it’s also popular to use the dry flowers, leafs or the small stones which is really easy to find so basically it’s really possible to make this kind of kitchen lighting chandelier by yourself and it’s gonna look really amazing above you kitchen island made in marine, ethnic or country style.

So basically all these kinds of chandeliers can look good as in the middle of the kitchen ceiling as over the kitchen island. The only matter is the size and the quantity of the chandeliers because the one we issue as the main lighting in the kitchen is surely the way too big for the kitchen island. So you understand that it’s better to use few smaller to make the kitchen island look elegant and well-organized.

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