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Kitchen is a traditional and the most common place which was always used not just for cooking, but also to gather all the family members and  friends to have a meal and relax after the tough day at work or school. So the eye sight of a housewife, the appetite of the family members and the way the dish really looks like really much depends on the way the light in the kitchen is established. And we don’t talk just about the quantity of the luxes that one square meter has, but also about he way it lights or making comfortable and cosy atmosphere or ruining it all. So generally we don’t need just the source of ceiling lighting, but also the mood it can make.

The lighting topic is a really interesting and multi-fasted thing to discuss and we should definitely start from something that can be touched and measured as such things as the style and taste changes really quick so it’s a truly ephemeral thing. 

So we first of all we should try to analyze the full situation and separate the lighting fixtures based on its:

  • Classification based on the way it can be established.
  • The quantity of lamps.
  • The single or a multi.
  • Classification based on the lamp type.
  • Classification based on the diffuser types.
  • The directed or diffused.

And moreover we can pay our attention on the kitchen place types where it can be located.

  • The heights of the ceiling.
  • The kitchen area size.
  • The geometrical form: or it’s closer to the square, or more rounded or even extended.

The ceiling lighting fixtures can be separated into two different types: the pendant lighting and the subsurface. The first one is establishing by the pending which can be made from a rope, a long chain or a tube. And the second ones are getting installed directly into the ceiling surface or even inside of a suspended ceiling.

Also the kitchen ceiling lighting can be separated into the single lamp lighting fixtures or the ones that have many. If we talk about the multi-lamp lighting fixture then most of the time we talk about the chandeliers, but before, especially, in the old USSR kitchens we could mostly see the ceiling lighting fixtures that had just a single man even without the plafond and was located just above the kitchen table. Of course the multi-lamp ceiling chandeliers are more convenient if we are talking about the lighting brightness and its regulating. And surely you can also regulate the intensity it’s intensity by the group of its switching.

So one lamp or many? Nowadays we already don’t have some kind of a special regalement in which the quantity and the way of its placing is written. For more comfort and convenient you should closely look at many variants of the different zones lighting. So the similar dispersed local lighting fixtures became a really convenient and popular way to smoothly light the full kitchen.

3 main different types of lamps.

You can choose any kind of lamps like incandescent lamp, halogen, the energy saving or a fluorescent if the ceiling lighting socket is universal. So let’s say few words about each kind of them:

  • The traditional usual lamp spend way too much electricity.
  • But the energy saving lamps are still less popular because of its modern forms.
  • And the halogen lamps are really convenient from the point that it can be well used with the universal light socket. Moreover they look pretty good from the esthetic point of view, but the only problem is that for its use you should also have the soft switching regulation system.

The intensity of the ceiling lighting.

Here we can say that the lighting made by the lighting fixture can be directed, reflected and diffused

  • The direct lighting goes strictly on a surface we want to light.
  • The diffused lighting goes through the diffuser that can be made from the cloth, paper or even glass and it smoothly lays on all the kitchen surfaces.
  • And the reflected lighting is directed on the walls and a ceiling and reflecting from its surfaces.

The ceiling lighting fixtures cloning problem.

It’s really easy and convenient to clean the glass plafonds. They are really fireproof and let the lighting go well through and generally the efficiency level is higher while using the glass lighting fixture.

The paper lighting fixtures perfectly express the atmosphere of East and smoothly diffuse the lighting, but the problem with that is that it’s really flammable.

The plastic lighting fixtures usually are really not expensive, they are not getting damaged. But each kind of plastic is getting old with time and it’s really visible so it starts to look cheap.

The cloth lighting fixture quickly collects the dust on its surface, the textile is getting burned down, it’s flammable and makes the lighting go through really bad. But the really interesting thing is that this kind of ceiling lighting fixture can bring some kind of charm of the bourgeoisie.

The kitchen area problems.

It’s better to start the lighting map projecting from the ceiling, or talking more clear, from the Leigh’s of the ceilings. Because it’s pretty logical that the height of the ceiling can put some limits on the ceiling lighting fixtures choosing. Such as the length of the pending, for example. In the kitchens with the tall ceiling the designers have a really huge opportunity to express themselves and to find many different variants how to play with the lighting. But don’t be sad if this story isn’t really about you, because the lighting fixture’s constructors don’t sit with no work and create the new ceiling lightings that are able to fit any kind of kitchen. Of course the low ceiling kitchens usually deny the long pending, but at the same time it has been really popular to use the lighting fixtures with the embed fan so it’s still really popular and exists in the catalogs.

4 ceiling lighting fixtures ideas.

Here we can leave you some thoughts about all of this and then you can decide if you really want to use it or not.

  • If the ceilings are really too low, then you can just leave it with no ceiling lighting fixture or just make a line of some track lighting placed in some order.
  • If you also direct its lighting to the ceiling than you can get the effect of the taller ceiling.
  • Or you can also place the extended lighting fixtures behind the decorative underceiling cornice, leaving a slit between it and the ceiling.
  • The defused lighting produced by the covered lighting fixtures is gonna visually make the small kitchen look bigger.Moreover this kind of ceiling lighting can some kind of move apart the boarders and to highlight the damages that the walls could have.

The ceiling lighting fixtures in the suspended ceilings ideas.

The first idea is to hide the ceiling lights behind the suspended ceiling made from the gypsum plasterboard. And of cause the main idea of the kitchen suspended ceilings is to cover the electricity communications and the disadvantages of the concrete ceilings. Nowadays it’s really popular to use the track ceiling lighting fixtures because you can evenly place then around the whole ceiling area or to group it in the any way you want. Moreover you can always regulate the brightness of the lighting or even make the special lighting accents which is provided by the structure of the lamp that has works producing some kind of a directed lighting spot.

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