Kitchen ceiling designs

In the kitchen like in any other room ceiling design should be considered in advance, agreeing the plan and the appearance of the selected stylistics. It is important to remember that sturdy classical facades of furniture and expensive decoration of the walls will not get on with cheap plastic or negligence, defective ceiling paneling. Because of this, today there are many excellent ceiling designs for kitchens. But determining the design of ceiling covering it is necessary to take into account the height of the room, the presence of unsightly things such as wiring and the need for installation of lighting. One or the other way to design the ceiling may not be appropriate in your case. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh all the “pros”, honestly considering all the “cons” while choosing the best designed kitchens ceiling.

The ceiling design with the help of tiles is quite interesting option besides it is convenient and inexpensive one. This method will allow hiding some defects of the base ceiling without any pre-treatment. The next important advantage of the tiles on the ceiling is ease in cleaning and moisture resistance. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a specialist during installation, as an illiterate work then will affect the external appearance of the ceiling.

Stretched ceiling structure keep its position in the list of modern methods of design. They have such strong points as a fairly quick and clean installation process, clean surface material, a wide palette of colors and embed ability of lighting. Despite the obvious advantages suspended ceilings are very “fragile”. This applies to the film material, which is tensioned on the structure. It is very easy to damage it without any efforts. Do not install suspended ceilings in the low kitchen because the frame is usually mounted at a distance of 10 cm from the base surface.

Installation of drywall ceiling is not easy process but it’s worth it. Initially having unremarkable surface you can create a completely different significantly better design option on its base. Gypsum plasterboard ceiling design in the kitchen space is very practical, as its box can hide all the undesirable elements: pipes, wiring, ventilation shaft and so on. Very practical and appropriate to use in the kitchen, the built-in plasterboard ceiling spotlights as a lightning. They can be used in a large amount on the whole surface at a certain distance from each other.

Kitchen ceiling designs

The ceiling from the natural wooden beams looks pretty impressive but it meets infrequently due to its high cost. But still you can build a beamed ceiling for example with a help of decorative beams fixed to the main ceiling. This design will look good in the kitchen with such style of design as a country, colonial and Tuscan one. Such a ceiling can be designed in an eclectic kitchen, where the modern progressive appliances coexist with colorful pieces of furniture.

Modern ceiling is produced by a mounting of set rails to the prepared structure below the surface of the base at a distance of about 10 cm. This inlaid ceiling looks neat and urbanely in kitchen interior of classic and modern styles. You can hide the communications behind it and integrate the lightning in it.

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