Restaining kitchen cabinets: main rules

Cozy, beautiful and practical kitchen – a pledge of good mood every day. Today, thanks to new building technologies, implement any bold design intent is possible even in the smallest. Therefore, if you are a “happy” owner of a miniature kitchen, do not despair. A little imagination and stylistic tricks in interior decoration with restaining kitchen cabinets…


Classic idea: vintage kitchen cabinets

The inspiration for the interior served as vintage kitchen cabinets with its cozy small apartment and retro style. The entire reservoir was conceptualized and redesigned in alliance with contemporary elements. We were designed to combine the “yesterday” and “today”, creating in the kitchen light vintage mood in the spirit of the movie “Julie & Julia.”


Making nice room: thomasville kitchen cabinets

To avoid soiling finish, whitewash the ceiling is made up papering the walls. In small kitchens ceiling execute better in bright colors. Using a soft beige or ocher, on the ceiling will not be noticeable darkening that can occur in the kitchen while smoking or when using a gas stove.


Features kitchen design with kitchen buffet cabinet

On the walls we put decorative brickwork in brownish tones. The room was quite large, but thanks to the bright ceiling and the architectural reception in the form of bulk fillets dark coloring of the walls did not steal any piece of space. A large window on the east side ensured a good flow of natural light. Because…


Good repair with kitchen hutch cabinets

Repair ideas in the kitchen  equipped with a sleeper is very original and welcoming approach to people willing to spend the night allowing friends and family. You can use the classic book or sofa corner sofa designer. Kitchen set with kitchen hutch cabinets is better to have a linear, although options with a corner suite or diverting…


How to use objects near espresso kitchen cabinets

In house you can arrange the kitchen space is unusual and impressive. Rationally and efficiently as possible to arrange the espresso kitchen cabinets in the house along the window. The apartments do not have problems with the installation of sinks, but in his home table and sink installed along the wall without windows.


A window in a small kitchen with using kitchen cabinet accessories

The most effective and affordable option – to place the work area along the window opening, and thereby make it more spacious, even if the area is only 5-7 square meters.  The window, located in the middle, it can be executed in different ways -. Due to increase the size of the window sill countertops,…


Advantages of using kitchen cabinet outlet

If the kitchen cabinet outlet lost its form, it is enough to buy a new and strengthened them in place of the old. The same applies to the worktop of the lower row of lockers. The difficulty lies in the use of self-adhesive film, since the surface of the headset must be perfectly flat. So first is cleaning…


Benefits to know how to clean kitchen cabinets

Possibility of classic kitchen triangle “refrigerator-sink-stove”, especially when there is space for the work area element between them. Branch of the dining area by working with an L-shaped layout.


7 advises why you need affordable kitchen cabinets

The glass ceramic hob is very durable, can withstand repeated blows from the bottom of the pan, but from acupressure, it will deteriorate. In the fall of the knife and other items down on the edge of the glass-ceramic surface cracks are formed, and the hob fails.