Using kitchen microwave cabinet with technology

The stylish cooker hoods. Of course, the task of drawing – not only to deduce the hot air out of the room, even if it is a key feature. Hood can be a key element in the design of the kitchen. Design of modern extracts ranges from simple and concise to the majestic traditional, but…


Features loops in upper kitchen cabinets

The surfaces of the loops can be matte, polished or textured. There are loops of chromium coated brass or copper. Some loops are made with enamel or lacquer. First door hinges were simple in appearance; basically they were chrome-plated or copper-plated. Now the choice is much richer: a loop with effect aged surface to smooth polished loops in high-tech…


Materials and doors design in laminate kitchen cabinets

The problem of solid doors – close the contents of the cabinet, while the glass doors show the beautiful dishes. Glass doors in the upper cabinets to visually open the space make it visually more spacious. Such doors may consist of several pieces of glass, having a beveled edge, be textured, etched, and painted or mirror. Pay attention…


Glazed kitchen cabinets in modern life

Determine the scale repelled from its budget and the current state of the kitchen. If you need an easy repair without changing the layout and rearranging the basic technique, you may be enough to replace the doors and trim freshen the walls a new coat of paint. But if you have to choose between the replacements of old…


Redo kitchen cabinets and their materials

The president of one of the Californian firm told that no one today wants to furniture made of particleboard (chipboard). And nobody wants melamine – the same particle board, only with a special coating. Most preferably veneered furniture, without any coating which is durable and wear resistant.


Great style diamond kitchen cabinets

The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It should take into account your needs, provide you with space and offers plenty of room for storage. Its decoration should complement the architecture of your home and create comfort for meetings and dinners. The design of the kitchen space into play a number of factors, but before choosing the technique and…


Using prefab kitchen cabinets in studio

The surface of the walls of the kitchen studio is decorated in very bright colors, as is often the area, even increased still it is not big enough. Bright paint decorated wall can expand the space and make the room as comfortable as possible. When finishing the floor is possible to use a variety of modern…

Kitchen cabinets with pull out cabinets. They open up to blue dishes and storage areas for kitchen items.

Pine kitchen cabinets for saving space

Pine kitchen cabinets are a great ideas or using your space in the room. Built between the cabinet and the wall at the same time provided with a worktop and drawers for storage, and even “wine rack”. The proximity to nature, the liveliness of furniture and hanging locker attached to the untreated wood surface. Mint plastic chairs…


5 Tips for using walnut kitchen cabinets and why?

The kitchen is not particularly stand out from the interior, more fit to go to spend on them as much as possible less space, energy and attention. And it seems that the owners of small-sized housing is already resigned to the fact that chimney meal thrown out of their lives as such.