Italian Kitchen Design – Gallery of Traditional Style Cabinets & Decor

It is difficult to imagine something warmer and cozier, than Italian kitchen style is. This type of style is usually associated with homelike atmosphere, which often arises during a family dinner or when you are chatting with your close friends. Just take a look at these photos!

Making these kitchens masters use a wide range of rich, bright and warm colors, that are typical for sunny Italia. You can see all shades of natural colors from shades of red, yellow, orange, green to the golden-brown gamma of “Tuscan”. Traditional Italian kitchens are made of natural materials. For example, you are able to see, that the cabinets of these kitchens are made of wood and their surfaces are made of a natural stone.

Italian kitchens are very comfortable, beautiful and cozy. They remind an atmosphere of enchanting Old Italy with its smell of cooking dishes and Italian people’s traditional hospitality. These points give Italian kitchens everlasting and really native view.

Italian decorating way demonstrates a beauty of the local culture. It glorifies national food, art, music and a peculiarity of the country. Italians traditionally keep their kitchenware in the special way to make them easy for taking and to give the kitchen interior an extra-appeal. That is why they also keep their traditional food and products out in the open.

Other charming features of Italian style are mosaic elements, which are usually located on the walls and on the floor, bright, colorful ceramics and framed paintings.

Do not limit your imagination finding some right colors for your kitchen, that will be made in the Italian style. Use cheeky colors! It will be better to choose shades of colors that remind you Italian countryside view with its green sceneries, blooming lavender fields, fantastic sunset sky and colorful Italian fruits.

You should use sunny rainbow of colors and typical Italian weave to create your native Italian kitchen.

Here you can see some photos with traditional Italian kitchens. Also you are able to find some another photos and ideas toward this question in the article on Tuscan kitchens. But if you want to make super modern kitchen cabinets, you should look at Italian brands, that are usually shown in the Modern and European galleries.

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