Is it possible to make a triangular kitchen comfortable and cozy

Triangular layout of kitchens is one of the new-fangled trends at the moment. Such rooms look very unusual and are different from traditional square and rectangular ones. Designers offer several original methods by which such a kitchen can be done aesthetic and comfortable as much as it is possible. Because fine design kitchens are the main priority for the housewives.

One of the main wall surfaces in the fashionable triangular kitchens is located at an angle relatively to the other walls and this angle is different from ninety degrees. The disadvantages of such a planning may include the difficulties that can arise while arrangement of furniture because, as a rule, the majority of subjects is available with right angles. In addition this solution is not very practical because it is quite difficult to use corners of the room rationally.

The designers recommend making a kitchen set with built-in corner stove on the order and it will fit into such a room perfectly. Besides at the same time all your wishes will be taken into account. Cupboard with shelves made on sketches can be put into the free corner near the window. It is visually give the kitchen a more rectangular shape and smooth out the corners. In this case, the window sill can act as an extra work surface. The hostess will be able to cut products there. Using the items with curved lines you can distract attention from sharp corners. For example, it could be oval dining table or semicircular countertops. Equipping a dining area in the triangle design kitchens it should be remembered that it is not recommended to put a table in the middle of the room here. Attached to the surface of one of the free walls dining table or mounted bar desk with chairs next to it will be the perfect solution.

Another way to improve the space is to combine nonstandard kitchen with adjoining room. As a result you will get a large enough room in which the oblique wall surface will be “lost.”However it is necessary to keep in mind that such a decision should be coordinated with the appropriate service. In addition this planning is recommended to use only if the electric cooker instead of the gas one is present in the kitchen.

In order to make triangular kitchen more spacious it is recommended to use light shades of color in its design. They will give it more cozy and comfortable appearens. Furniture that is made from such materials as glass, metal or wood will give an aesthetic and stylish look to the room. Thanks to the abundance of glossy surfaces and chrome decorative elements such non-standard kitchen will have a very trendy and original look.

Bar desk made in creative design will look stylishly here. It is worth to prefer the chairs of unusual shape and ultra-modern appliances for a kitchen. Also beautiful LED lights will give the room an elegant and refined appearance. If you approach to the decoration of kitchens with such a planning creatively you can create a very functional and at the same time stylish and unusual interior. The main thing is to think outside the box because the triangular kitchen itself is far from standard.

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