Interior for small kitchen

Today there is set of information how to issue interior of small kitchen. But there are some basic rules which will allow to make it quickly and effectively.

It should be noted that the kitchen which area makes less than 8 sq.m. or kitchens of the wrong form, narrow or through passage is considered small. For each of these options it is possible to pick up the furniture and equipment which will allow to make at the same time the room beautiful and functional.

Equipment arrangement – first of all, there is a wish to tell about household appliances. It has to be located so that not to disturb pass. It is best of all if it is built in and will create uniform composition with kitchen set. The working surface for convenience of work has to make from 3 to 6 meters. It can be provided, previously having thought over if necessary transfer of washing, plate and the refrigerator. It is not so difficult to make it, but in the future it will provide the maximum comfort in food preparation time.

The design of kitchen furniture needs to be thought over so that the cooking surface or plate has not appeared near washing. It is best of all if between them the small part of table-top or bedside table is located at least.

Cooking surface it is also impossible to have close to window, after all it can lead to blowing-in of flame and unexpected effects.

At creation of interior of small kitchen it is necessary to take care and of the correct arrangement of oven.
In the majority of models the door opens forward therefore it is necessary to watch that at its opening to opposite wall there was more than a meter.

The furniture – high kitchen cabinets, for example, “case” or the refrigerator, is best of all to have at the edges of working surface to avoid its interruption.
Selecting wall cabinets for small kitchen and choosing their arrangement, it is necessary to consider growth of owners of the apartment first of all. Wall cabinets need to be hung up so that to them all family members could reach easily, and at the same time about them it was impossible to be knocked by the head. Usually them have at the height of 60 centimeters from table-top.

As for space over cooking surface, it is better not to veil it lockers, and to arrange over it extract. Such arrangement of household appliances and furniture will allow to make space of small kitchen the most functional and you considerably reduce time for cooking and the subsequent cleaning of kitchen.

In small-size kitchen – that the space of small kitchen is more practical to use door opening it is necessary “to work” with door opening if there is such opportunity. It is clear that normal doors will be too impractical and will take too much place.

Expansion of door opening, creation of beautiful arch that will make impression of additional space, use of easy curtains (for example, curtains threads for kitchen) or sliding doors can become the best way out. And use of sliding doors or curtains will be more preferable, after all it will interfere with distribution of smells on all apartment.

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