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It seems to be that IKEA knows the secret how to turn any daily meal into a big fancy event. And guess what to we need for this? Right! We need to organize the lighting in the right way and IKEA definitely knows the way of organizing it in a right way. 

The designers always make the map of the lighting during the planning of the interior. Why not to do the same and decide from the beginning where you want the kitchen lighting to be and to place the power sockets. And IKEA has already cared about it because nowadays we are provided by so many instructions that IKEA specialists give and can find them anywhere in the Internet. What does it give? Those people who are definitely pro in everything concerning the home repairing already ought about all the details and developed the full instructions how to make your house the most wanted place on the Earth to be. And of course they thought about the kitchen lighting as well so here is the thing we are interested the most.

4 advises from IKEA about placing the lights.

1) The zone where we cook the meal and wash the dishes.

Here IKEA advises to to use the backlighting of the tabletop, which is gonna give the brightest and most directed lighting.

2) The searching of the dishes in the kitchen cabinet and the backlighting of its elements.

You should use the lighting of the cabinets located on the mounted cabinets.

It’s better to use the soffits inside of the cabinets with the glass leafs.

3) Don’t use the backlighting of the kitchen cabinets made from the glass because it makes the unpleasant hotspots.

4) And the last advice is to use as many sources of lighting for your tabletop as needed concerning the lengths of it and the kitchen cabinets under which the lighting is putted.

The more lighting for the tabletop you use the better it is because then you can be definitely sure about the safety of your cooking process.

The kitchen stopped to be just the place for cooking the dishes a really long time ago so to make it as functional as you only can you should support it with the main, decorative and the functional lighting.

The main lighting from IKEA.

The main ceiling lighting should have the warm and soft light which is simple to turn on with one clic, while entering the kitchen. For the economy of the electricity you can put a rheostat system on it and regulate the power of the lighting by yourself. Here are also few advises for placing the main ceiling lighting in its best position:

The best way to place the main ceiling lighting is to put it as close to the center of the kitchen as it’s possible. In this case the light will be placed smooth all round the kitchen.

To light the small kitchen it’s better to use just one small pendant lighting. For the kitchens with more place you can choose one pendant lighting plus few mobile lighting fixtures which are better to choose in the same style.

The power of the lighting should be enough to light not just the middle of the kitchen, but also the cooking zone.

If you use the incandescent lamps than you should remember that in sum the power should be not less then 20-25 W/M. And for the halogen lamps this index should not be less then 30-35 W/M.

Functional kitchen lighting from IKEA.

The well organized lighting for the kitchen zones where you cook is the main reason of the well and safety cooked food. If you put the soffits “Grundtal” under the kitchen cabinets then you gonna have a really bright lighting with no shadows which will never distort the main meal color and will safe you from the work injury while cutting the vegetables.

One more really smart solution from “IKEA” is the local lighting of the insides of the kitchen cabinets. Why is it useful? Only imagine that now you can go to the kitchen at night to have a snack without waking up your full family with the bolt of the plates in it.

You can not imagine the kitchen without the dining table zone and the same you can not imagine the table without the good lighting which provides you with good selected light so every zone is lighted well and the same intensive. So choose a shade, which is gonna fit your interior well  you it won’t let your family leave the table. One more good idea is to use the lamp tire where you can choose the angle you want the lamps to be and to make the light local to the parts where you need it to be the brightest if you use this table not just for dining, but for working as well. For this you can also establish the rheostat which will help you to control the power of the lighting.

Talking more concretized we can mention the sensor backlight called “Rational” which   sure will provide you the smoothest lighting of your tabletop. To produce this kind of lighting the specialists use the light-emitting diods which last really long. Comparing to incandescent lamps those consume almost 85% less electricity, but at the same time last almost 20 times longer. This sensor backlight is getting turned on just by the easiest touch of a sensor element  and you can regulate the brightness of the lighting by the longer lasting touch.

IKEA always takes care of everything that’s why they also developed the special wire system called “Ansluta” which will help you to quickly organize the most comfortable lighting on the kitchen. The main idea of it is to look such types of kitchen lighting as “Gruntal” and “Rationel”. All the pieces you can buy separately which means you can make the lighting that only you want.

Decorative lighting from IKEA.

You wanna make the special atmosphere? Or may be you are preparing for the date? So there is nothing easier then to put some beautiful desktop lighting in the middle of the table or let’s say to turn on the lighting in the … kitchen cabinets. Built-in lighting inside the glassed kitchen cabinet’s will make the background kitchen lighting really soft and will make the warm atmosphere on your kitchen.

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