Idea for small room- two tone kitchen cabinets!

On a visual extension of the space small kitchen works and mirror tiles that are laid out kitchen apron. It is not very practical and requires constant care, but with her small-sized kitchen seem more spacious. Mirror Effect supports an abundance of shiny metal surfaces. The compact kitchen is very practical modern rack for storage of spices and small kitchen utensils.


If your kitchen is so small that even the kitchen in this review show you more, see what options are mini-kitchens offer manufacturers of kitchen furniture. Modern modular headset can literally hide in the closet!

The vast majority of modern kitchen – small size. When you admire a huge kitchen in the pages of another interior magazine, kitchen- own “baby” may seem inadequate. But really good design can be called if even in a small kitchen managed to fit everything you need, and in addition, make it a stylish, functional and comfortable.

Every housewife dreams of a spacious two tone kitchen cabinets, where the daily grind food preparation has the potential to turn into a nice creative process. Alas, most of us live in apartments where the kitchens are not just small, but tiny. In such areas, and sometimes turn a difficult, not to mention with the necessary equipment to arrange the furniture. But even such a seemingly stalemate with a certain ingenuity and imagination, you can find a way to create in the kitchen functional and comfortable space.

We expand the usable area compact kitchen

The struggle for the transformation of a small kitchen in a cozy corner of your home usually begins with an attempt to maximize the useful floor area. Naturally, the most preferred embodiment, seen large-scale redevelopment, which implies the demolition of the walls (or parts thereof) and combining the kitchen with an adjacent bathroom. But a step of this kind is often impossible or involves a serious time and money. Therefore it is necessary to look for other ways to expand the functional space.

3 most common mistakes in the planning of a small kitchen

  1. As a rule, the owners of “crumb-kitchen” by all means try to build it and a place for cooking and dining area.

Sometimes, due to the nature shape of the room it is the desire to become a fatal error, and the pursuit of two rabbits – doomed to failure and the hostess cooks uncomfortable, and households without the expected comfort, breakfast-dinner.

Sometimes you still have to sacrifice something, for example, to put a dining table in the other room, in order to organize the kitchen the most comfortable space for cooking.

  1. When making a two tone kitchen cabinets becomes a serious omission that the usual door on its hinges, opening inwards.

So “eaten” almost square meter of valuable space! Where appropriate to the following variants:

– Door opening outwards;

– Sliding door;

– The door in the form of folding partitions;

– Replacement of the door arch.

  1. Absolutely unacceptable to use a small kitchen a large number of bulky furniture that clutter the space and also reduces the visual space.

The perfect alternative – compact, but roomy kitchen, custom fitted with interesting storage systems.

Putting into practice these simple techniques and having won some useful kitchen area, early complacent. After all, there are a few design secrets that real place, of course, not add, but will create the room a feeling of spaciousness.


  • Interior design in bright colors;
  • Absence of bright and large patterns, excessive decorations and accessories;
  • The use of objects and materials with highly reflective surface (mirror, lacquer stretch ceiling, glazed floor tiles, transparent facades with aluminum profile, etc.);
  • Providing excellent lighting (a large window without heavy curtains, the main chandelier, supplemented by point LED lights above the working area).

How to enter the furniture layout?

The main objective when planning a small kitchen – use every millimeter of usable area. Ready typical furniture, purchased in the store, is unlikely to meet this requirement. Therefore, the best option becomes a kitchen, made to order. It fits perfectly into the room size and the technical equipment will be an order of magnitude higher than conventional counterparts.

As for the layout, it is usually used for small kitchen corner method of arrangement of furniture and home appliances along two adjacent walls. In this embodiment, ideally implemented generally “work triangle”, there is room for a dining area, a corner cabinet provides extra storage space.

If the room too narrow, the layout used in one line, when all the items of kitchen furniture are arranged along one wall.

No matter what kind of plan is applied, impeccable furniture for a two toned kitchen cabinets?

  1. Helps create the illusion of a spacious room.

Welcome conciseness and rigor of design, smooth facades of simple shapes with no frills in the form of pilasters and cornices figured, discreet accessories, attachments, open shelves

  1. The maximum use of storage space.

Long cabinets up to the ceiling, extra drawers for kitchen utensils at the level of the cap – all uses every centimeter dishes.

3 is an example of functionality and convenience.

It makes sense to provide for the presence of movable shelves, sliding doors instead of the usual designs in the lower cabinets and a hinged opening system – to the top.

Of course, it is necessary to take care of special separators that organize the space inside the boxes.

Custom planning solutions for two toned kitchen cabinets

  • When constructing a small kitchen cannot be cannot do without the original decision.
  • A great alternative to full dining table – bar or a folding table, which is in the folded state, does not interfere with the hostess in cooking. Do not take up much space, and folding chairs.
  • Additional work surface can be created through the use of a special lid that covers the sink and hotplate. They serve the same purpose and withdrawable modules, which are installed under the table top, and put forward as a small table, if necessary.
  • Sill appropriate to extend and expand and, depending on the height, turn it into a table continued the working surface or makes the bench.
  • Will help unload the contents of the cabinets and put all sorts of kitchen utensils ratings that are fixed on the wall in the sink area and work surface. A similar system of metal hooks and hangers can be placed, for example, over the bar.

Of course, over a two toned kitchen cabinets layout will have to work hard, but acquired through hard work comfortable and functional area will be the deserved reward!

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