How to use objects near espresso kitchen cabinets

In house you can arrange the kitchen space is unusual and impressive. Rationally and efficiently as possible to arrange the espresso kitchen cabinets in the house along the window. The apartments do not have problems with the installation of sinks, but in his home table and sink installed along the wall without windows.


Original and unconventional looks like a kitchen with a window to the sky or a panoramic window near espresso kitchen cabinets, the size of the entire wall. Window on the roof facing the sky, allow sunlight penetrates the full day, and enjoy the stars at night. Due to the huge glass doorway and patio doors kitchen communicating becomes very light. By placing a large working area along the window, you get a practical and effective solution. Kitchen table in the window opening reduces the consumption of artificial lighting and ventilation. Panorama window in the kitchen itself is an unusual decoration and detail of the interior, which can draw an original premise.

To preserve the comfort and functionality of a narrow kitchen you need to consider an ergonomic arrangement of furniture. It is better to place the P or L-shape along the narrow wall for extra space. If the area is more than, it is possible to consider equipping the dining area, placing it along one of the walls or combining with the working surface.

Ergonomics entrance kitchen can turn weaknesses lay in real benefits. If the side passage is wide enough, you can place a tall cabinet on the one side of it. Then the work area will be visually separated.

Radiators near espresso kitchen cabinets

How to disguise the battery space in the kitchen:

  • Transfer sections to a nearby wall. Large windows in the kitchen can be useful if the free space for the battery.
  • Demolish the battery, making a warm floor, then the opening will fit harmoniously bar. Such conversion is costly, and underfloor heating design is not suitable for all coatings.
  • Demolish part of the wall to disguise the battery.
  • Place the sink under a window sill, and place the battery in the drawer. This will require the transfer pipes and communications.
  • Transfer of communications to another location is not difficult; difficult it will be to move the battery, especially in an apartment building with a total heated. Hidden behind kitchen appliances battery will not be enough to heat the room, and will spoil the adjacent furniture.

To disguise the battery is enough to paint them a color of the interior. You can use the laying of floor heating, but it will be necessary to cut the heating risers. For apartments with central heating is not possible.

Move the section on the free wall; it is possible to provide heat the kitchen, spending less heat. For this cut old pipes that lead to the radiator. Then they cut the thread and attach the new plastic pipe of desired length. If you reduce the number of radiator sections and do not cover it, you can get to save heat energy costs.

Window Decor

  • The decoration of the windows can be emphasized welcoming warm atmosphere of home. Window openings are no longer decorated with heavy curtains, light content or blinds, providing great opportunities for designers.
  • If the window is located above the stove, make sure that the air flow is not blew the gas flame. High temperatures can cause fire curtains. If you do set a plate underneath it, then give preference to roll or roman shades with fire retardant impregnation. If desired, they can pick up.
  • If you have installed a sink under the window, it is better to abandon the textile curtains, curtains to not interfere with the dishes. You can opt for blinds made of thick material or bamboo – they are easy to clean. To create a cozy home environment, give preference to lighter tones. Kitchen window in the design is not a barrier; it will help you expand the field of activity for a beautiful and functional decor. Correctly filling out the kitchen with a window, you can make it as comfortable, stylish and cozy.

Repair of kitchen must be thought out thoroughly and in detail. It is not a tiny kitchen, but still quite a bit of space to take lightly to compact geometry and arrangement of furniture and household appliances. There are several standard layouts, but modern people want something original, so interesting design solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

If the kitchen has a balcony, the correct use can significantly increase the space. It can be an extension of the kitchen or be a separate micro room. Before redevelopment must be approved by the Housing Inspection.

Take out to the dining area and espresso kitchen cabinets, modifying the window sill in the surface of the table or the bar. The idea with the placement of a berth, too, is interesting and useful: as unnecessary bed transforms into a sofa, and upon request – to the cozy abode.

If you like the view from the window and balcony wide, you can convert cold “closet” in the work area. To this end, along the bottom edge of the window, place the worktop; add a few shelves or a bookcase and brickwork. Get creative mini-cabinet style.

An interesting solution to serve as furniture, wooden trays: there and varnish. Soft flooring can be purchased at the store or do it yourself – the dimensions are perfect.

Thermal insulation is carried out in several stages:

  • “Warm” window;
  • Elimination of cracks and gaps;
  • Insulation finishing and assembly foam (toluene removed a part of);
  • Decorative finish;
  • Installation of additional heat sources.

Double glazing espresso kitchen cabinets with extended profile and polyurethane sealant ideal for the first two points. Styrofoam or foam – for insulation of walls, floors and ceilings («warm floor” can be done). Decorative finish:

  • Moisture-resistant gypsum board;
  • MDF or chipboard panels;
  • Wall paneling;

Decorative brickwork, wallpapers and plastic panels is preferable to use an even coating over: drywall, plywood, particleboard and MDF panels.

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