How to paint the furniture antique

Many and many people prefer the old style into the house. To create it they  acquire old furniture and other elements of the interior. However, this is quite expensive. A cheaper way to decorate your room in “retro” style is a painting in a special way. Before paint any subject antique, it is necessary to consider the proposed instructions and types of paints that will be used for achieving this purpose. In order to reduce the cost renovation of apartments, a lot of people performs some part of the work without the involvement of specialists from the side. In this article, we will talk about ways to artificially “wear” the surface of the furniture with own hands for giving the subjects of the interior an antiquarian appearance.

Especially this furniture is becoming relevant in the case when the apartment or house decorated in a classic style and the furniture came from the past would be a perfect decision.

The general principles of making furniture antique

If the furniture being done antique style with your own hands the following features should be considered:

  • it should not be parts made of particleboard or fiberboard; use only wood or plywood;
  • making the furniture you should always remember about the right fittings: all the visible fittings should be old or made under olden.

If possible you can decorate the furniture with elements of a carving. That will give an extra charm to it. Typically carving is performed on particular separate fragments and then the fragment is attached to an array of furniture with the help of wood glue.


Tools and materials

Of the instruments it is necessary to have:

  • rubber spatula;
  • screwdriver;
  • sander or sandpaper;
  • brush or roller;

From the materials you need to purchase:

  • paint;
  • mordant;
  • tissue or wool;

Artificial aging of wood products

Painting “under the old ivory”

Antique white kitchen cabinets look very cozy and easily fit into any surrounding interior. The surface that we want to wear out is necessary to prepare for painting depending on its current condition – remove old paint and prime. After drying the whole subject necessary to paint in dark brown tones. When the first layer of paint will dry up the corners is necessary to process with paraffin (for example, rub them with a piece of the candle). The furniture is then painted with paints color ivory and after drying the layer briefly processed with fine sandpaper. In places rubbed with paraffin, the second coating easily erased showing the first (dark) layer. Cover the surface with lacquer – and kitchen cabinet or another furniture in the “shabby chic” style is ready.

Old wooden utensils “under the lacquer”

Before covering with lacquer acute edges of a wooden piece of furniture is necessary to blunt (chamfer should be of the variable width) and the entire surface processed with a round brush with bristles of a thin wire installed in conventional grinders. In this way, soft wood fibers are selected from the surface of the product of which it will acquire a peculiar relief imitating aged wood (unpainted wood is covered with a mesh). After this, the surface should be sanded then apply a dark mordant on it (and then wipe the product with rags or a clean cloth). The paint will absorb in the recesses and the wood remains bright in the fiber peaks. After drying cover the surface with lacquer – and rarity furniture “considerably shabby by the time” is ready.


Artificial craquelure

Craquelure is a mesh of the cracks which we can observe in the old pictures and decor elements. For the artificial creation of this fashionable effect, it is necessary to use special lacquers applied to the surface that you want to decorate.

The effect of aged metal

There are many ways for obtaining this effect. The simplest of these is to use a special set of so-called compositions for patinating. In the a simplified variant of it is two bottles: one of them with a paint imitating the color of metal (for example, under the “gold”, “bronze”, “copper”) and the other one with the oxidizing or coloring composition creating the effect of metal blackened with time. You just need to cover the surface which you want to transform. And the thicker the second layer (oxidizing) and the more striking will be the effect.

Must be said that metallic paints can be used not only for wood objects but also for the clay, metal, brick, and others.


Artificial aging of metal products

In addition to the wooden objects, you can “wear” and metallic. The technology consists of the following steps:

  1. At first, the surface must be completely sanded and cleaned of dirt, grease stains, rust and other contaminants.
  2. Then on the surface is applied a layer of special paint – metalized. Such paint is called “under the metal”. Best to apply with a brush because the resulting image will already have the effect of antiquity.
  3. Then on top of the dried paint apply a coat of primer. It must be used primer for craquelure. This primer after drying forms a transparent surface.
  4. After priming is produced painting antique of metal with upper cover for craquelure. At this time, the cracks are formed. The depth of cracks depends on the thickness of the coating layer.
  5. In order to enhance the effect of antique thing on a piece of cloth, you should apply a burnt umber and rub it into the painted surface. Then all surplus of umber need clean leaving them only in the cracks – thus, it will create a complete image of the old object.

As protection from the high temperature, you can use the fireproof paints for metal which are able to withstand the exposure to open flame for 45 minutes.

Refurbished furniture and other interior subjects by the methods described above transformed beyond all recognition. After the end of such repair, interior apartments acquire particular charm underlined with the noble “touch of time” and it is worthy to get into “Handmade Fashion” category of masterpieces in the “retro” style. If you want to clarify how to paint kitchen cabinets antique white or wear out the furniture in another way watch training videos that are in a multitude on the Internet.

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