How to organize modern kitchen island

Kitchen islands are getting more popular lately. Modern technologies keep developing every day and our kitchens get more and more kitchen appliances. Nowadays, everyone has a roster, a coffee machine, a toaster, a microwave oven, a multicooker, and other technological wonders. Those appliances occupy the whole worktop so there is no place left for cooking. That’s how kitchen islands have become helpful. Those are not just good-looking but also lots functional. The good way to choose the design and the options for the island is according to the kitchen style and its size. Anyway, kitchens with islands add 25%+ to the working area.

On the other hand, kitchen space ergonomics demands a cooker to use less energy and time for moving around. The well-known expression that everything should be within reach suits it the most. It means that it would be enough for its owner to take just a few steps to get something or do something when busy at another zone.

A Kitchen sink, a cooking unit, the cupboards and the food stuffs should be placed by the “triangle rule”. This means that the oven, the fridge and the sink should within 4.9 ft. from each other and should form a triangle. Otherwise, the room might be overloaded and hard to move around. That’s why it is important to choose the right size for the island.

Usually modern kitchen island is placed in an area over 216 sq. ft. Compact, portable,  or movable designs can be used in case of rather small room of about 161-216 sq. ft.

Things are different when it comes upto spacey area. Householder should walk a lot, thus the working zone organizing conception should be different. There are several ways to get what they want. The most common for big kitchens is arranging an island – a separate big table with oven, sink, and enough area for work surface. The best way to combine all of those in one big work station is to make it 47.2 inches * 47.2 inches by size. However, it doesn’t have to be exactly that way.

The tradition to use such tables comes from the Old World. Then it became popular in the USA where it’s used now to get as much comfort as possible.

Modern kitchen island design was returned by German designer Otl Aicher. As he said, a kitchen workplace is a workbench that can be reached from any side to do anything. This rule is used almost at every restaurant and the idea of its using in accommodation was revealed and brought into life by this talented man in 1988. Aicher Workbench became the top of the work triangle and combined all the main work zones. Today modern big kitchens are hard to imagine without such an island. It makes the room empty if the big functional table is missing.

However, the idea is suitable not only for big apartments or private houses with big kitchens. It also can be used in standard rooms. In fact placing kitchens with islands in a small apartment is always the same, unless under some circumstances those zones can be swapped around. Yet it still takes some renovation works to be done. Moreover, it doesn’t mean just remodeling. In addition, more service lines should be applied.

Since even after remodeling it’s impossible to place such a big island in a small apartment it’s be better to give up the idea of combining the sink and the oven. Usually there can be placed only a cooking top, so there is no need to lay plumbing and sewer system pipes over the island.

In order to provide ventilation special kitchen hood models are used for such kitchens. All the hoods can be divided into two categories depending on the installation. Some are fixed over the ceiling so that the ventilation tubes are hidden under the drywall or stretched ceiling. Others are laid under the floor and fixed over the work surface with an original L-shaped tough support.

Still when going for functionality hanging hood is preferable since it doesn’t take place at the worktop and doesn’t cause any inconvenience when cooking.

Open shelves and glass front draws combined with white color can make big kitchen island visually lighter. Such kitchen sets are usually produced by a specific order so their price is slightly higher than an ordinary furniture. Nevertheless, this production is above in the list starting with harmonizing and comfortable design and finishing with all the materials.

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