How to make the kitchen from stone more cheerful

In our days when the fantasy of designers is restricted only by the budget of their projects any room can become a dragon’s lair, the planet of the little prince or a pleasant, warm place of the stone, which creates a unique comfort and a unique atmosphere. Stone is considered to be the most environmentally friendly material in interior design of kitchens and it goes on the second place after the wood. So if the concept of designer includes care for the environment he should pay attention for the stone. Another small plus of this material is its longevity which cannot be surpassed by any artificial material.

In addition you should pay attention to the strength of the decorative stone. In contrast to the tile or glazed tile it is harder to break and almost impossible to scratch it. Also stone coating has moisture repelling properties. Taking care of the decorative stone is a real pleasure because it can be washed by any detergents without fear of spoiling of the coating. Do not forget that the stone is an antistatic agent so it will not gather dust.

Working with stone facing poor planning and wrongly selected number of materials can ruin the whole design. In fact the stone is very cranky material when it is used as part of the decor. Most frequently while this kind of material is added to the interior of the small bits of it begins to stand out from the background aggressively. But if you overdo with the stone in the kitchen you can create the atmosphere of the old, cold and wet castle that is devoid of any medieval romance.

Furniture items are the minimum that can bring a stone in the interior of the kitchen. Marble and granite countertops began to return to fashion about fifteen years ago. Stone details of the interior are not cheap pleasure but their durability and elegance are worth of it. Marble top will serve much longer than the wooden one and this noble material looks more presentable.

Stonework near the stove looks very unusual and aesthetically pleasing. It creates an image of an old stove from some Victorian estate. Picking up a stone that will be suitable in shade and texture for the rest of the kitchen furniture you can easily fit it into the overall design plan. Moreover such a lining plate in the region of the cooker can be very practical. Also experimenting with stone you can impose a hood with it and kill two birds at once. Firstly unaesthetic and cumbersome hood suddenly turns into something unusual and pleasing the eye and secondly a properly selected stone will help her to fit into the interior. In such way you will get the best design kitchens.

Using of the stone cladding will be especially effective in the kitchen-studios or in simple kitchens where the door has been replaced with a wide opening. The use of stone for creating of the curved arch is a risky move but if it is performed properly it will meet all the investment. It is important to note that it is irrational to use the stone in narrow arches because it will only visually reduce the space, creating discomfort for all households. At the same time arch of stone will look perfect in the minimalistic style. The stone by itself is very “heavy” decoration, which requires special attention to itself and does not tolerate the “competitors”.

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