How to create the best kitchen in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is at the height of fashion now. However it does not surprise those who know about its advantages. It is perfect for kitchens completely different areas and planning. It is able to “push” small spaces, to clarify them and just do more comfortable and ergonomic. Bright colors, simple shapes and techniques facilitate this. This style is perfect for tiny kitchens those owners decide to team up with a living room or other rooms. So how create such quality kitchens?

First of all it is necessary to talk about the traditional colors for this style. All shades of beige, sand, white, light brown, pale gray and blue are the most popular colors for the best kitchens in Scandinavian style. “Complicated” shades, which can change the hue depending on the brightness, also look great here. The color of melted milk is precisely such a shade. Nevertheless white color is the most popular in Scandinavian kitchens and it is a kind of its business card.

This style can be learned by the minimum number of pieces of furniture. This is typical even for large kitchens. Furniture is most often made of wood with wicker, metal and glass fittings. Its shape is rectangular and usually rigorous. Natural wood of light brown and cognac shades is acceptable here. If you want to see in your home more natural materials put into the kitchen wicker furniture from the cane.

Most often in the Scandinavian traditional small-sized kitchen cabinets are covered with matt light or almost transparent paint. Modern solutions abound with metal fittings: refrigerator, dishwasher, household stuff. White is the basic color for furniture. The space should not be merged into a continuous white spot that is why the countertop can be made in dark or steel colors. Moreover white kitchen with black countertop looks luxurious. If the furniture in the Scandinavian kitchen is painted in dark colors, the walls must be white.

The upper modules of kitchen units often are partially or completely absent. Lower cabinets are a kind of well-established classic of the style when the upper parts can look like open shelves. The absence of closed upper cabinets facilitates space saving a lot of light. High closed cabinets from floor to ceiling are placed in a corner of the kitchen. Their facades are smooth, minimalist, without handles, with hidden or unobtrusive accessories.

In the dining area on a small kitchen there is often a mini-table or bar for a quick breakfast or snack. Namely Scandinavians were the first people who refused from the large dining tables in small kitchens. As a rule the apron on the kitchen is also in white color. The tile that is laid out under the guise of the brick is the most popular material solution. Brown face brick can also be used for this purpose. The rest of the walls in the kitchen usually are just painted with white paint. Very rarely wallpapers print can be here.

Scandinavian style that was born in the conditions of long winters and lack of the sun suggests a large amount of light. Scandinavians like to place all kinds of light sources in the kitchen. These are the floor lamps, the wall lamps, lights, work area lights. Often you can see all kinds of lighting on the one kitchen at once. It is not accepted to close the window by the curtains in the Scandinavian style. Thus more light enters the room. If the apartment is located on the first floor or in front of other windows translucent light curtains from the fine fabric are allowed here.

kitchen in Scandinavian style

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